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Question Does this sound like a plan?

Hi all,

It has been many years since I detailed a car (mainly becuase I stopped driving for a while), and would really appreciate your help on my order of work.

Please note the products are what I have available now rather than purchasing specifically.

1) Citrus Pre wash applied to lower panels and wheel arches
2) Rinse
3) Snow foam lance and Autoglym shampoo
4) Rinse
5) Wash vehicle with mitt and Autoglym shampoo
6) Rinse
##Iron out on recommendation##
7) Clay with Bilt Hamber
8) Wash vehicle with mitt and Autoglym shampoo
9) Rinse & dry
10) Paint correction with Rupes 12 & white Hex-logic pad. (use either Auto Finesse Revitalise 3 or Dodo Juice Lime)
11)Bilt Hamber Auto Balm (apply with black Hex-Logic pad)
12)Wax with either Zymol Carbon or Dodo Juice Blue Velvet (apply by hand or red hex-logic pad)

Seems a lot when written down but it is easily done once you get going.

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