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An update!

I went out today to open the boot, the minute i pressed the button that releases the tailgate i heard a crackle and pop!
now the boot won't open.

Not only that the inside of the car stank of brunt plastic, not good.

I pulled the fuse cover off of the BCM and found fuse 15 had melted, went to replace it but the minute a new fuse touched the terminals POP it blows!

Now the really bad bit, i pulled the plastic trim off the floor and around the seat and found the wiring loom that runs along the floor was submerged in water!!

Also the sound deadening is soaking, but the carpet is dry?!

I've mopped up most of the water

Fuse 15 controls the tailgate, fuel filler flap and the God damn immobiliser!

I hunted around forever pulling plastic trim panels off looking at ground points inspecting the loom etc etc

Then I found out that the lock actuators have a habit of going up the creek and considering the fuse blew when i attempted to open the boot!!

I managed to RIP the trim off the inside of the tailgate and manually open it, then i disconnected all wires.

After disconnecting all the wiring in the boot Fuse 15 stopped blowing, however....

The car was still immobilised, Another recurring issue was a horrible bloody racket that came from inside the drivers door.

This is another common problem, the door lock as far as i understand is part of the immobiliser, when it fails the car is immobile.


Off came the door card!!

Hmm evidence of a professional previous repair.

After rifling around in there i found this...

Fook knows where it goes, but one problem at a time eh??

This is a far as i've gotten

way to wet!!

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