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Originally Posted by Rian View Post
the marring could be anything,
do you use a grit guard?
do you rub the paint or glide over in straight lines with minimal pressure?
when drying do you, wipe, drag pat the drying towel on the paint?

It could well be….

My normal wash routine (light dust/rain marks) –

Cover the car In snowfoam (PH neutral stuff from Valet pro)
Let it soak for a 5 mins or so and spray bilberry cleaner on the wheels while I wait.
2BM filled with various shampoos depending on mood. Currently using dodo supernatural. Both buckets have grit guards

I then don’t rinse the snow foam off but go over the top with my shampoo and noodle mitt. Rinse in the rinse bucket.

Do all the paintwork, top down.

Then with the water that’s left I finish the wheels. These are never filthy, just dusty like the car.

Drying - use a light fantastic gorilla xl dry towel and gently 'caress' the paint dry by light rubbing ove rthe whole car, folding it when it gets too wet. I don't lay out the towel or pat dry.

After care – I never wash my mitt, unless it looks dirty.

Im probably doing something wrong?

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