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An Interview with Avi At CarPRO

Thanks to AVI at Car PRO

Can you start by telling us a little about yourselves and your department ?
Im the CEO of Carpro global . head in charge of all whats going on with carpro car care products.

When did you start working for X ?
Since 2008

How did you get to work for them ?
By searching new fields in business

Where are you based ? and where can we buy products from ?

What are you day to day responsibilities?
Making sure Carpro is the best in the market for service and products.

Tell me about your first product that your company Sold ?

Aquartz, which was the first generation brand for ceramic coatings.

What’s the best selling product on the shelf ?

Which are the Staff’s favorite products ? Why ?
PERL , high versatile and economic use

What piece of detailing kit do you think every detailer should have in their arsenal? (excluding the obvious stuff like wash mitts, etc.)
Eraser- great for almost cleaning everything, birds bomb wipe,dash,bugs, glass clean, inside and outside of the car. great smell too

How much testing goes into making a product or choosing one to sell?
About 6~8 months, from lab testing to field by Carpro detailers.

If you could make a new product what would it be ?Thats something you dont ask a car care producer :-)

What are the main Values that drive the company ?
Service, quality and again quality.

What are the main Challenges the company faces ?
Maintain the high level we have, deliver what we stand for.

Can we expect anything new from you ?
Just launched 2 highly innovative products, the Essence and Inside, the Essence is the revolution in car care today, polish fill coat shine all in one which last very long.

Whats different about the company ?
Innovate - dont imitate

Where will the company be in say 10 years ?
Hope to continue lead the car care market products.

And a bit about you - (Quick fire - One Word/Short answers)

Do you detail cars ?
Only my own from time to time

Whats your dream car? Why?
Porsche 918, im a Porsche guy , once Porsche always Porsche.

What do you do when you’re not selling detailing products?
Driving Porsche 911 :-)

What do you drive and how often is it detailed?Lancia Delta 200HP daily drive, Porsche 911 for weekends, the Delta each two weeks Reloaded.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
Michael Shumacher

If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
no idea.....

If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
Divorce my wife LOL (kidding)

What’s the best/worst gift you’ve ever given/received?
Got bathroom carpet for my wedding LOL (not kidding)

What is something you learned in the last week?

Im loosing too much hair lately lol
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