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Originally Posted by Ben Gum View Post
That is a matter of terminology. This is a forum about detailing and not chemistry. From the view of almost all on this forum, they will see the product goes cloudy at low temperatures. Hell thats hat operations people in he industry see. You try telling the guy making he product that the cloudy product hasnít clouded, you have issues itís your krafft point.

In any case, the problem is there and Iím sure autoglym will sort it. For my part, Iíve had my fill. Too many people, like you, rather have a fight than dispel msketing crap. With your 4 post count, you may take over from me as you clearly know more and have some interest in busting detailing myths. Iím out and will remove previous posts. Goodbye.

No, wrong again Benny... it's not terminology and you should know this, but you don't, so keep quiet. Using a surfactant blend just past cloud point is useful in maximising cleaning power - not something that will happen due to cold.

I've seen you spout rubbish and it's you that brings "chemistry" to this detailing forum running down members as a side-effect... a self-professed guru. You make assumptions to make others look foolish and even comment on manufacturers' products - like you have here. I've seen your lack of knowledge with regard, inter-alia, sol-gel chemistry... you don't understand it, yet state it's marketing rubbish - not helpful and damaging to those that do. Plus you do it all with anonymity. Poor, and dangerous.

It appears a challenge by someone equally anonymous who is a chemist sends you running, perhaps to get a nice new Thomas Salter beginner's kit? Bye
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