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Dent-specialists Bolton...highly recommended

I've had a few dings in my passenger door for over a year.
Never found time to get it sorted til today.

A friend on the Golf Gti forum recommended these guys

They service Manchester too.
The big plus side is
1. They've been around for years.
2. They're based on a large used car site servicing about 8 dealers and always busy.
Ie. Loads of experience and don't get to let the skills go rusty
3. On Saturday morning they have a drop in service at the Bolton centre
(this works out cheaper as they have no travelling time) and was more convenien for me too.

Anyway I had 4 dings right on the crease of the passenger door fixed for 50
Even taking into account the 25 min drive there and back from South Manchester it's a bargain.

If you approach by the side entrance to the BOC used car complex you'll be greeted by the most monstrous speed humps I've ever seen so reverse out and use the entrance on Manchester Road near the Shell garage.
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