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Touch Up Paint seems darker than paint

Hi All,

So I have some paint chips, as well as quite a large section on bonnet where lacquer has peeled(roughly 4cm x 2cm)

I purchased 30ml of touch up paint, as well as a fuel flap to test it out on.

I put a scratch in the fuel flap, and filled it using a touthpick with paint, over several applications, before wet sanding it, applying one layer of lacquer, and wet sanding again.

The end results are shown below.
Post Wet Sand - PrePolish
The scratch is completly filled and smoothed, but there is a distinct difference in the colour.
Is this normal that touch up will always be different/noticeable on these kinds of touchups, is it just a bad batch of touchup paint?

I also applied some in a discreet area of the car, just to check it on the car.

Appreciate your thoughts
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