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Recommendations for a drill attachment system

Afternoon all.

Can anyone here recommend a relatively cost-effective set of powerdrill backing plate attachment and some pads?

I need to do some restoration on a couple of cars headlights and I'm looking for something that I can use with my powerdrill. I'd obviously prefer the kit to not be too expensive as they're not likely to get a lot of use. At the same time I don't want to buy complete tat so any recommendations would be gratefully received.

I'll be going over the headlights with a few different grits first but just need something I can use with some 105/205 on the final passes to bring back the clarity.

I've looked at some of the sets on Amazon but I've no doubt that at 5-10 for the set they probably use the most rubbish foam known to man that will die after 5 minutes. I suppose perhaps I should just find a backing plate and a single good pad separately.

Cheers all
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