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Originally Posted by GeeWhizRS View Post
Just a follow up on the Mo Bacter... it took a few weeks after application to see anything happen. The moss started receding first and then at the 1 month point the grass went very green, lush and went into growing overdrive. I cut my neighbours grass for him and the difference is like night and day. I cut both lawns at the same time and his hardly needed doing yesterday, mine was very tall.
Pretty impressed with this stuff, the grass has never looked better.
Originally Posted by slim_boy_fat View Post
Looks like mine is going down the same road, just a week or two behind. Being further North, growth has been checked with the bitterly cold weather.

I think/am sure the moss is receding, but it's easy to convince yourself sometimes, with these'miracle' products.....
Thatís good to know, I held back with my application until I could see some initial grass growth. Itís been three weeks now but it was such a dry April, and now cold May , that the grass isnít exactly growing fast. There are the first signs of the moss going brownish (rather than black with other products) and the grass is greener. I would t say itís as dramatic a product as the major brands you see at stores/garden centres but itís probably going to work for quite a few months rather than just a few weeks.
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