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Originally Posted by mirdif64 View Post
Derek, think they were in fact on the NC and someone mentioned to them about the Cars and Coffee on the Saturday and they appeared there on the Sunday morning. Don't usually get many supercars there. You're right, they were top blokes. Dario was looking at the M6, wanted to know if it was an ''M'' car. He was also chatting away when he was looking at an Integrale. He has one of his own, said they are great cars.
Unfortunately, Walter was only there in ink so to speak. Stiq Blomquist's signature was also on one of the cars.
Haven't been in McGregors for a long time. Waiting for the 6 numbers to come up !!
Never mind if you pop to festival of speed im sure Walter and stig will be there
Yes Dario has a large collection of cars I believe he still has his F40 in Scotland as well as a few others, a guy I know met his brother and him at Lemans and they said the same top guys and out and out petrol heads that know their stuff.
Surprised he did not make a bid on your motor I bet he is always on the look out for more great cars to join his fleet.

Yes numbers forst before another Macgregor's trip for sure
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