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A couple of bits arrived last week, firstly some BC coil overs to lower the car slightly and sort the floaty suspension.

Some BH products to sort a few rust spots I've found

First job on the day was sorting the manifold on my mate's S2000 as it cracked whilst we were out for a hoon last month.

Manifold out

The crack

On to a couple of jobs on the M3. I agreed a discount with the body shop for providing the car with all the trim etc removed, I prefer to do this myself anyway as it give me a chance to inspect everything. Side skirt off on the side that is going to be resprayed off:

Apart from a lot of grime the condition of the sill was really good with no signs of rust at all, a massive relief! Any suggestions for how best to protect it before the skirt goes back on? I'm currently thinking a good coat of wax should do as they are in good shape?

Skirt needs a good clean

Another job was measuring up the mounts for the Recaros, this is the model my mate drew up, he's going to be making them this week for me.

Last job was all the door cards coming off

This was for two reasons - one to remove the exterior handle trim and gasket for spraying (new ones will be going on after to freshen them up) and also I've ordered some new black interior handles to get rid of the last bit of wooden trim. For some reason one was priced 15 and the rest 45 even though they are all pretty much identical, I can't believe I'm spending 150 on new door handles but it will look so much better all black!
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