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Originally Posted by steelghost View Post
If you want cheap, durable and available from In2Detailing, you could look at Sonax PNS or their Xtreme NPT (which is apparently a consumer version of PNS - it cures a little bit more slowly).

You will use more wax applying by machine, and I'm not actually sure you'll save any time. That aside any finishing spot pad should do the trick eg this one.

For glass cleaning you want specific glass cloths really; however as Imran doesn't currently seem to carry any (based on that link) I would suggest these as an alternative. I would always try to remove bird droppings using touchless methods - ideally presoak it with something then blast it off with the pressure washer. If that fails, I tend to put a piece of kitchen tower over it and spray APC on that, leave it to soak for a while, then wash the affected panel. It's very rare that doesn't get it off.

Wax removal - depends on the wax, but the 470GSM cloths are a good all rounder for this. For removing polish I like something with a bit more bite (ie a shorter pile), these or these would be my pick from Imran's range.
Thank you very much steelghost!

How many cloths for wax and polish? I was thinking maybe 3 for each (Is it enough for the whole car?).
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