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RWD is the most driver focused drivetrain. It does make for more feel, fun and interaction. I can see why some people don't like it, but unless you turn off the traction and stability programmes off on modern cars, it's not going to eat you.

FWD is fine. There's some really good handing cars, but they are hitting their limits where they are now. There's too much effort going through the one set of wheels trying to do everything. Obviously cost plays a big part why so many cars are FWD.

4wd is fine, it can make some cars a bit dull though. It's a lot of extra weight and power sapping for something you don't really need much for real world driving. The negatives outweigh any benefits for me.

The haldex systems are improving and a happy medium somewhere between FWD and 4wd. FWD handling the majority of the time, then the extra grip when the fronts spin up. You've got an extra bit of weight, but they aren't so bad for drivetrain power losses.

There probably should be an option of full time 4wd and haldex on the list as they are a bit different to each other.
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