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Originally Posted by Hamslay View Post
Hi all. I'm new to this so apologies in advance for all the stupid questions heading your way.

In the past I've always cleaned my motorcycles with a product called SDoc 100 gel. You spray it on, agitate it with a brush, leave it a few minutes and then hose it off. Add in the occasional coat of Meguiars wax and some Hot Rims for the wheels and it's done.

I stumbled across the Auto Express review of Surfex-HD where they described it as a shampoo. I called Bilt Hamber, explained how I clean the bike, and asked if Surfex-HD, diluted, would be a good, more economical replacement for the SDoc 100, and could I apply it from a pump sprayer. The bloke said it would be fine for cleaning the bike, and fine in the sprayer.

Having cleaned the bike once, and found it a success, I decide to give the car a blast with the Surfex-HD. I've neglected the car since new, so any wash was a good wash. Again, the results were fine.

However, doing some reading, I'm a bit concerned. Most stuff on here and elsewhere refers to Surfex-HD as a degreaser and APC, not certainly NOT a shampoo of any type. Some advice on other forums states it is unwise to use Surfex-HD on paintwork and says the Auto Express review is nonsense.

So, firstly, am I risking the finish on either the car or the bike using sprayed on, diluted Surfex-HD, a soft brush, and a hose? Can an APC work as a sort of shampoo???

Secondly, what benefits would I see, for either vehicle, of switching to Auto Foam (or similar), followed by a "proper" shampoo applied with a mitt??

Believe it or not, I LOVE maintaining my bikes, but the shampoo and buckets method always seemed a bit old school.

What do you reckon? Be lazy, spray on Surfex-HD and be done, or go back to the drawing board and get some shampoo and buckets? If I do stop using the Surfex-HD as a general purpose bodywork cleaner, where would I use it? I have litres of the stuff!

Thanks in advance. I hope to not appear quite so stupid in future posts!
Make no mistake ALL surfactant blends are labelled in many kinds of ways, APC's, TFR's shampoos, detergents, degreasers etc, etc they are ALL variations of similar. Surfex HD CAN be considered a pressure washer shampoo -safe for paintwork even with regular use.
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