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Originally Posted by Karl woods View Post
Hello and welcome to DW

My question's are regarding a total stop conversion for my HD 7/120
S/No. FW-01409689. 06-11

1 . Can I purchase a kit and fit myself ?
2 . Are fitting instructions included with the kits , if not where could I get info ?
3 . Are there any detremental effects on service life from the conversion ?

Hi Karl,
Most 7/120 or 10/120 machines out there can be converted to a total stop system, only the very first ones cant and now also the 122 models. To be sure yours can, have a look at your brass pump head (or take a picture for me to see) the attached image below shows the section of pump head that houses the pressure switch.

This next image shows one that can not be converted without replacing the pump head completely.

Providing your pump looks like the first shown then conversion is possible.
1. We supply this kit to our dealers and one could sell it on to you but I would recommend sending the machine off to have the work done.
2. The process is simple enough but unless carried out by a recommended service centre this modification could lead to voiding your warranty, so again I recommend sending off your machine.
3. The ‘portable series’ machine (7 or 10 120/122) are designed to be compact and a machine on the move, this means no where to put your gun, lance or hose and very often run on generators or invertors. For this reason the pressure switch is not fitted, turning on the machine draws a large spike in current so in effect switching on and off the machine every time you squeeze and release the trigger would work the generator or invertors harder. Once the machine has been switched on it can be left ‘idling’ for a long duration, no need to switch it off while foam is dwelling for example. If the machine is simple ‘plugged in the wall’ the only downside if you like is one other service item with a few O rings. It saves electricity, is totally silent if you stop to answer your phone or partner called out to you and it also reduces a small amount of wear to service items.

This image shows the blanking plug that would be removed and the pressure switch that would replace it.

And finally the new pressure switch would just be wired into the electric circuit.

Any other questions, just ask away.
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