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The short answer would be no, they can’t.
The /122 machines do now have ‘easy start’ fitted. The easy start means the Kranzle machine can be switched on and off to your hearts content without the trigger being squeezed. Assuming you are no longer using the machine I would assume you are also going to put down the gun and lance/foam lance. You could to keep them safe put them next to the machine and switch it off at the same time, saves them getting trod on or kicked over. Then before you pick them up, switch the machine back on. This is assuming you want/need the machine to turn off. As I mentioned your Kranzle machine will continue running no problem, the system works similar to a manual car and that when you release (close) the trigger it’s in neutral just ticking over. The ‘engine’ is running but is disengaged. New cars have stop start technology but not to stop the engine overheating or anything, just to save energy and be a little more ‘green’. Other machines in the Kranzle range (1152 and up) do all have pressure switches, but these are not designed specifically with a mobile set-up in mind.

With that said, the pump head/valve casing used on the 1152 is in effect the same as the 122 but with the extra pressure switch. If you exchanged/replaced the pumphead on the 122 for the one from the 1152 then the pressure switch could be fitted, but this would be costly and for little gain when the 122 really does not need to switch each time you release the trigger gun and does have an on/off switch.
Hope that helps clear things up
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