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T-Cut King (admin)
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An Interview with In the Detail

in the detail detailing devon valeting devon barnstaple polishing

Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?

By day i work for the large japanese manufacturer in sales, by night I clean cars!

What else can I tell you about me?

I'm a 30 something with a wife and two kids

How did you ‘get into’ detailing?

I've always looked after cars, but after I started working in the motor trade, I used to end up re-cleaning a lot of the cars myself for my customers before they went out. our valeter at the time was afraid of compound and their single speed 2000rpm rotary, so i learnt to using it and G3. On thin Japanese paint!

How long have you been detailing at ‘this’ level?

Depends on what you mean by detail - I've pretty much always detailed cars, but in terms of using mitts and "proper" products about 2 years

How did you learn to machine polish?

As above - the proper way.....G3, single speed and trial and error lol! it does make things much easier when you use a DA or proper rotary, pads and polishes though - you get to know what to look for.

How many cars have detailed over the years?

Detailed - lots. Corrected, probably 50 or so. More if you count the stuff my valeter at work wont do!

Tell me about your first detail

My first what we would call "proper" detail was on my wifes new car - polished (with single speed rotary!) Swissvax cleaner fluid and wax and a load of Autoglym - we thought it looked the schnizzle! And to be fair it did!

What do you drive and how often is it detailed?

having a company car is a bit soul destroying as i'm the only one that keeps it clean, and we just drive preety much what we want to. my wifes car is the mk4 golf gti that i bought as a project, but she liked so ended up getting rid of her 9 month old new car. cant get her out of it at the moment either - I reckon sticking a resonated Milltek on it should do it though! Her's normally gets cleaned at least once a week, but I'm leaving it longer at the moment to test the new super sealant......

What is your favourite car to detail and why?

Anything that is in a real state - I like it when you can see a huge difference in the before and afters

Do you prefer to detail a Supercar or everyday car?

I've not done enough "supercars" to make an informed decision (North Devons a bit short of them!) Everyday cars pay the bills though.....

What piece of detailing kit do you think every detailer should have in their arsenal? (excluding the obvious stuff like wash mitts etc.)

An I-Pod, stops the client asking questions when you are polishing! Seriously though, the little stiff Megs brush to keep the pads nice and clean.....

What are your current favourite brands and why?

Autosmart - does what they say on the tin and Zaino. As much as it's "in vogue" at the moment, it offers a great finish plus its not difficult for the customer to keep the finish great.

What do you do when you’re not detailing?

I surf whenever I can - I live about 5 miles from the beach - and get out on my road bike when I can as well. My oldest is just starting to get good at tennis, so my times probably going to be spent carting him about! Fishing is my other passion, though I can go less and less at the moment, but I make sure I can get at least one week in France in a year.

A few quick fire questions
Ferrari or Lambo ? TVR
Wax or Sealent ? Wax
Fish and chips or bangers and mash ? Fish and chips, but only if its from the chippy up the road
McDonald's or Burger King? Burger King (with McDonalds chips!)
Coffee or Tea. Coffee

in the detail detailing devon valeting devon barnstaple polishing
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Envy Car Care
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A good read Dave, thanks for sharing.
Get out there and hunt the supercars!
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Theres a few. but mostly owned by farmers/ex farmers who like their protective layer of mud! It protects against hedge scratches

image ISN'T everything down here........!
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Originally Posted by WHIZZER View Post
McDonald's or Burger King? Burger King (with McDonalds chips!)
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chris l
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Interesting read thanks for posting
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