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An Interview with Rob at G techniq

G Techniq.

So Rob tell us a little about yourself ?
Hmm – what to say – I’m 40 years old, married to the most beautiful woman in the world and have the best little boy ever (might be slightly biased?!). Have always wanted to run my own business – always loved cars and boats. Love what I do and prepared to do anything to offer the best products possible.

Rob What car do you drive ?
Currently a BM 5 touring. Superb piece of kit for long distances and quite tidy down B roads for a 2 tonne barge. However I feel a mid life crises car coming - I fancy a properly sorted old school 911. Having had a completely tricked out series 1 Elise I miss the rawness of a seriously focussed car without any electronic driver aids.

When did you start working for Gtechniq?
5 years ago almost to the day

How did you get to work for them ?
Through my passion for cars. Met a guy at a Lotus rally who was involved in the industry – he opened up the market in Asia for a well known European car care system. Realised that we could adapt some new tech coming out of Japan to produce a really knock out protection system so we researched the market thoroughly and the products. We found that in the real world none of the quartz products hit the sweet spot of durability, looks and performance we were looking for. In our research we came across a Japanese nano tech lab who were doing research for big multinationals such as Bayer Material Science, BASF and Philips. They had actually developed a paint coating by accident (interestingly PTFE(Teflon) was also found by accident) which formed the starting block for C1.

Where are you based ?

UK opps are based in Kings Langley, Herts.

What got you into Detailing ?

From the desire to have my cars looking spectacular. I was also determined to find the best products for the job and for me the best products were those that gave a great finish but more importantly, because I preferred to tearing up the Col du Turini (I lived in the South of France for 8 years) than waxing the car, products that lasted very well. My first purchases were 3m polishes and hand glaze and One Grand Blitz Wax imported from the States which according to US forum posts at the time hit the sweet spot I was looking for.

Do you detail cars ?
I rarely get the time these days but as a company we do detail cars and I do help the lads out if we are super busy. To be honest I very nearly threw in the towel right at the very beginning as on my return to the UK to set the business up I purposefully bought a car that had a terrible finish so I could practice my newly acquired machine polishing skills. What I hadn’t appreciated was that it being a BMW the paint is a ball breaker to correct!! This is how the car looked when I bought it:
and around 12 hours machine polishing and then c1 coated:

How often ?
I will pick up the Makita on average once a month. Last car I detailed was a Ferrari Boxer.

What’s your favourite car to detail ?
Either a Cobalt Blue 911 – that colour comes up fantastic with paintwork correction. Or any non metallic colours – especially old cellulose painted cars – we did a green DB4 the other day and the transformation was superb. Prefer cars that don’t have masses of scoops and slats – detailing things like F40’s are a total pita.

What’s your favourite car / dream car?
The car that is being delivered here this afternoon – although it’s a replica – a 911 2.7RS. Sweet sweet car. The car being delivered is a 2.4 converted to a 2.7RS spec but with a 2.9 engine. Really prefer a car that has no electronics or power anything whatsoever. I personally don’t think you can ever get the satisfaction driving a modern car quickly than you get from a car like a 2.7RS where it takes skill even to get a good gear change. Drove this replica back to back with a Lambo Gallardo LP560. The Lambo was so uninvolving by comparison.

What’s your favourite product ?

Why ?
It does exactly what it says on the tin. It lasts a very very long time, looks great and provides superb protection. It’s the product I always wanted for my own car right from the get go.

How much testing goes into making a product or choosing one to sell?

Short answer – lots! Long answer is that since we have already been seriously burnt selling a product that had great lab tests but in the real world it really didn’t perform so well. This opened our eyes to the reality of testing. We realised that the real world throws up masses of variables which lab testing just cannot replicate. However having said that we will not start lengthy and costly real world testing unless a product shows us strong lab results. We test using Q-Labs in the United States and with UK grp manufacturers plus we run our own comparison tests testing stuff like resistance of paint coatings against UV damage, bird droppings, acid and alkaline rain (this latter is a real problem for areas adjacent to cement factories), scratching, gloss, dirt repellancy, stain repellancy and temperature resistance. We have panels in some of the world’s harshest environments for paint finishes eg Hong Kong which has super high amounts of airborn pollution, UV, humidity and microbes. We tested in the Arizona desert and also under a tree full of sparrows just behind our workshop! As a niche player we only bring to market products that offer a significant benefit to what’s already on the market – we try to avoid “me too!” products.

Can we expect anything new from you?
We are testing some new rim coatings at the moment and we also have a new final polish P2 ready for release.
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Nice read.

Need to order some more plastic dressing. Its the best stuff for the job i have ever seen.
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gtechrob (19-03-2010)
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Interesting read Rob.

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Good read thanks Rob
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Good read, shame the links to photos dont work.
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Originally Posted by twoscoops View Post
Good read, shame the links to photos dont work.
Probably because the thread is about 18 months old...
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Mike V
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Interesting read.
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He`s a nice bloke Rob and its good to learn a bit more about him
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