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Detailingworld™ Review – Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra

Detailingworld™ Review – Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra

Big thanks to Mark for sending this in for review, I've been really enjoying all of Kenotek's products so far, so was interested to see how I got on with this product

More info can be found on their website at

The Product
The product is supplied in a 1l bottle, the same shape and size as all the other kenotek products, which makes them easily recognisable, complete with the same high quality trigger. Unlike a lot of fallout removers on the market, this one doesn't have a strong smell of rotten eggs, but instead has a hint of pineapple, with undertones of egg, which i'll take any day over the stronger smelling ones

The Manufacturer says:
This is the great value and highly effective Kenotek iron active wheel cleaner - an evolution of the type of product that turns purple as its attacks bonded on metallic particles on wheels and bodywork. Further improved in 2016, the best selling Kenotek product of all.

It is based upon Kenoteks highly effective pH neutral wheel cleaner, so is safe on most wheels and highly effective as a wheel cleaner alone. Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra can also be used as a fall-out remover on vehicle bodywork and other surfaces. Unlike most products which have a strong rotten egg smell, this is much more pleasant, with a pineapple aroma.

The Method
I'm a firm believer that fallout removers should not be used straight away on filthy wheels, but they should be cleaned with a normal wheel cleaner first, as otherwise its a waste of product

However as this is specifically marketed as a wheel cleaner, I opted to settle halfway, and treat with a citrus pre-wash before being it with the PW

Wheels in question after a blast

The barrels are beyond hope i think, basically black and rough as hell, so I wasn't going to event attempt them

Spraying liberally all over the face of the wheel, the fallout remover foamed up slightly and clung on pretty well to the face of the wheel

After a couple of minutes, the familiar bleeding effect started, abeit very faint to start with

I figured due to the level of contamination, these wheels needed some agitation to speed things up, so I whipped out a detailing brush and started to work

Very quickly the brush whipped up a purple foam and this to me really got the product to work

Where thee spokes met the wheel, these did need another hit of fallout to really clear all the contamination, but I do think this was down to the wheels never being cleaned properly before, so wasn't surprised

After rinsing off, I tested these wheels with my go-to fallout remover and they didn't bleed, so in my eyes that's all the fallout removed, unfortunately no pics of this (as it's pretty dull!)

Did a quick test on paintwork too and no issues there either

Drying off and inspecting, the wheels are greatly improved without a hint of contamination anywhere, so that's job done

There was a lot of pitting of the paint surface however, but nothing could be done to rectify this short of a full refurb

A litre of wheel cleaner / fallout remover costs £14.99 and can be bought from morethanpolish. This is the only offered size

For the volume offered, this product is well priced, definitely towards the lower end of the pricing spectrum for 1l bottle

Would I use it again?
For me probably not, as I prefer to buy my fallout remover in bulk in order to get the most saving possible.
However for other people who don't want to commit to shelling out +£40, and just need a litre, then yes its one to recommend

Kenotek's Wheel Cleaner Ultra is good performing wheel cleaner and fallout remover that's well priced for the volume offered.
Reviewing fallout removers are always tricky, as they either work or they don't, but this one is dead easy to use, foams up slightly for extra cling and is fine to use on both paintwork and wheels.

For tougher contamination I think agitation with a brush really gets the best out of the product, but then this is indicative of a lot of other fallout removers
The mild smell is a welcome change, and even though it doesn't smell amazing, it certainly is one of the better fallout removers I've smelt

Irrespective of the volume offered, this product performs well, so I can definitely recommend it. For me however its just a shame higher volumes aren't offered, increasing the value of the product

"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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