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Detailingworld™ Unboxing of ‘The Ultimate finish UF8 Dual Action Polisher’

Detailingworld™ Unboxing of ‘The Ultimate finish UF8 Dual Action Polisher’

Firstly many thanks to to the guys at Ultimate Finish for sending through the UF8 for review, along with huge apologies for only just getting around to this one as it was received at the end of November to coincide with the weather going all pear shaped. A full review will follow shortly as we’re now getting glimpses of lighter nights and a strange bright yellow thing in the sky.


Ultimate Finish say :

Dual Action (DA) machine polishers have been popular with car care enthusiasts for many years. The dual mechanism takes the 'elbow grease' out of the polishing required to keep your cars paint in great condition whilst the combined orbit and rotating action reduces heat generation. This makes the DA the ideal option for those new to machine polishing.

Featuring an advanced mechanism with an 8mm throw, the UF8 Dual Action Machine Polisher generates significantly less vibration than a standard DA polisher whilst providing an advanced cutting and polishing action.

In addition, the UF8 has a powerful 880W motor with Digital Torque Management to maintain pad rotation under load. As a result, the UF8 is capable of tackling serious paint defects and stubborn blemishes to produce a more uniform and even finish, making it popular with professional detailers as well as enthusiasts.

Features & Benefits:

8mm throw achieves results quickly
Reduced vibration & minimal noise output
Powerful 880W motor produces more torque
Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue
Rubberised grip allows for firm control over the polisher at all times
Fingertip control dial with 6 speeds for correction, refining & buffing
Ideal for use on all types of paint finish
Suitable for enthusiasts & professionals
Supplied With Ventilated 5" & 6" Backing Plates
2 year warranty
Technical Specification:

Rated Voltage: 220-240v with CE rating
Orbit Diameter Size: 8mm
Thread Size: 5/16"
Backing Plate Size: 125 - 150mm (5" - 6")
Polishing Pad size: 140 - 165mm (5.5" - 6.5")
880W motor
Variable Speed: 2,500 - 6,800 OPM (Orbits Per Minute)
Net Weight: 2.2kgs
3.0 metre Heavy-duty Cable

Ventilated 125mm (5") and 150mm (6") Backing Plates
Removable D-Handle
UF8 Branded Canvas Case
2 x Spare Carbon Brushes
Instruction Manual
6-Speed Settings:

1-2: 2500 OPM - 3200 OPM - For the application / removal of waxes & sealants
3-4: 3900 OPM - 4900 OPM - For polishing and refining
5-6: 5500 OPM - 6800 OPM - For removing paint defects, scratches & swirls

The Product:

So this is the first unboxing for me, just looking at the thing without getting my hands dirty feels a little wrong and the OCD in me was looking around the house to see just what a DA polisher could be used for indoors, but alas the hob, indoors doors and even the wood floor in the lounge all looked fine without DA assistance so I’ll just get on with it.

The Package arrived safe and sound but the box did look to have taken a bit of beating on route, this didn’t worry me too much as it’s the contents that really matters and they were fine. The Box has the UF8 along with the Ultimate finish Logo printed on all sides with the most important information on when end where the contents are listed.

Once opened the contents are all concealed in a rather nice heavy duty black nylon bag that has the UF8 branding embroidered on one side and a simple zip up closing and handles that hold together with velcro strip to make carrying things around a little easier.

For me it would just become a storage case to keep my pride and joy safe from the elements and it looks plenty strong enough to do just that, unlike a few of these I’v had over the years that rip once you finally get the zip closed.

Inside the bag is all the important stuff, the UF8 Polisher (but more on that later), A heavy duty plastic handle, spare ‘Carbon Brushes’ for the motor incase of failure down the line, a bag of bolts and washers to fit the handle onto the UF8 if thats what you prefer and quite a comprehensive instruction booklet.

Most of these things I would expect to see however I can’t remember ever receiving such an in-depth set of instructions before with any of the polishers I currently own, even showing the schematics for a strip down if you should ever need them.

In the bottom of the box was the box for a 5” backing plate, another great addition as I can’t remember the last time I needed a 6” which for some reason still seems to be the default size included with most polisher options. Thoughtfully Ultimate Finish must be aware of this and had already fitted the 5” plate to make her ready for action straight out of the box.


The UF8 is red, very red and looks great straight out of the bag like it’s ready to do business, on inspection it’s styling is very similar to the much more expensive polishing options out there having a rubber pad on the front to give extra grip and an elongated handle at the rear to make keeping control when she’s on full song a little easier.


These front extended rubber pads are a godsend and the lack of one on earlier DA’s forced me into fitting the U handles, which for me makes polishing a really awkward and uncomfortable task, so top points for Ultimate Finish for giving both options if needed. The trigger is a well sprung affair, a decent size and sits underneath the rear handle making it easy to use when you concentrating more the condition of the paint, there is also a trigger lock on the side of the handle to allow you to release the trigger while in use making full control of the UF8 even easier.

Altering the power is possible through the side dial where the handle meets the body of the polisher, now I much prefer these to the digital options not because I’m old fashioned and stuck in my ways (could be) but it feels much more natural to spin a dial while in use and gives you much more control of altering the power delivery while in use. The power options come in a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 been the most powerful option unleashing the full 880 Watts of power the UF8 has to offer.

These options will take you from 2500 OPB (Orbits Per Minute) all the way to 6800 OPB for when some serious correction is needed rather than just applying sealants or waxes.


The Ultimate Finish UF8 Polisher comes in at £189.00 and can be found here:

Hardly fair to give a conclusion just from the unboxing but I will say that after handling it the UF8 feels like a quality piece of kit, much higher quality than I was expecting if I’m to be totally honest. I’v handled a fair few DA’s over the past few years and most of them around this price bracket have the same feel and weight to them almost to the point that with your eyes closed you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. This is where the UF8 stands out a little, it feels more like something thats meant for the job in hand, it has a good weight to it, but feels extremely well balanced in the hand, all ready to get out and make your paint shiny.

So as I’m finishing this, my first unboxing review and the rain is still battering down against the windows and can only hope that over the next 2 or 3 weeks I’ll actually get enough dry time and daylight to give this UF8 beasty a proper going over, with the added benefit of making some paint shiny along the way.

Obviously a complete write up of the UF8 in action will be added as soon as it gets released in anger

"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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