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Old 11-02-2017, 11:14 PM   #31
Soul boy 68
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Originally Posted by richtea78 View Post
True, it's only been 6 months so far!
And counting
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Of course it is entirely possible that he is up to his eyeballs in work and IIRC, when he advertised for a member of staff, one of the things he wanted them to take over was the social media side as that was also something he personally took care of.
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Washmitt Meister
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Originally Posted by Soul boy 68 View Post
Now that would be a shame let's give Kelly some more time.
Think it’s definitely dead now!
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One post from Kelly since this thread was opened 17 months ago. Mods may as well close it
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chongo (28-01-2018), Joech92 (01-07-2018)
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Originally Posted by wanner69 View Post
One post from Kelly since this thread was opened 17 months ago. Mods may as well close it
Definitely needs closure now

This space could be freed up for another useful thread
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Old 05-06-2018, 02:24 PM   #37
Kelly @ KDS
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I am still alive guys

So my plan is to now start back on DW.

This section was discussed with myself and a good friend from DW.
we spent a long time thinking of what to do when and how.

It got approved and was MEANT to be kept closed (not seen to public) till i had some content and already started some subjects.

Then i was told me a DW member the section was live (without me knowing) ,so i then contacted the friend from DW about this, to which i was told it was not him who made it live and public but another DW member.

Jump many months later, I asked for this section to be closed down till i was ready.
which it never did?

So hence why i guess its still open.

I now spoken to DW in more depth about best way forward to make it interesting for DW , myself and the Members

Please be aware that since i was last on DW many years ago the KDS Keltec business has grown massively.

We deal with far more than just standard detailing services.
currently turning around 250 cars per year.

I thought maybe my time would be freed up a little more as i gained more staff through expansion.

But hey how silly was i to think that.
I am still working 6 days per week, example the last few weeks been working 8am till 10pm each night.

My only day off being Sunday the last thing i wont to do (well really its the misses) is post type about WORK again.

But saying that i started sorting through videos and photos this week and uploading them in order to start posting back on DW.

This section just like when i work for Waxstock show is not paid for,
its entirely FOC.
I been part of every Waxstock show since the first one and i go entirely do to the passion for the trade.

Edit to say,

My ideas for this section where

1) Members submit questions in, i would pick one at random to answer each which at a set time and day.

2) Member could not start a thread in here, they could ask questions (replies) once i started a thread (which would of been covering a members submitted question)

3) Questions could of been submitted through many forms of social media, ie facebook, instagram, Dw direct, this idea of mine was to bring more public to DW who are not all ready on here.

4) We discussed a DW/KDS youtube channel.

5) spin off of number 4, a live (facebook) video of my one to one training over many months / years

6) Group meets at KDS

7) Group demo / training days at KDS, with plans to hold more at other locations in the UK.

8) See how it pans out with moderation, with expansion of the concept ie break out room at waxstock for DW members to come see in practice what i been asked about (live demos and training)

What i clearly did not want was a open area that could be abused and become a free for all.
This would take up too much of my time and effort, plus its being covered that way in mike Phillips area so why double up?

Hope this makes sense, felt like i was being used and slightly used and forced into something that i was not ready for or run how i suggested it would best work for everyone.

Regards Kelly Harris

To contact KDS Keltec, please click the banner.

You can also find us on
Facebook / YouTube / Twitter

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T-Cut King (admin)
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As Previously said this section went live to early - Kelly has responded and we have opened a new thread with this in
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