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Post Coatings - Talk to Me.....


I thought I would take a little time to try and explain the differences between the various coatings currently on offer by TAC System.

Quartz Max - Not really a coating but thought I would include it anyway. Simply this is a silica based (5%) spray on wipe off coating/sealant. For people wanting something easy to use that gives a smooth, glossy finish with excellent water behaviour then look no further. To use you use can use a couple of sprays directly onto the panel, spread with a microfibre cloth and use a separate one or flip the same one to 'buff' and finish. Alternatively you can spray onto a microfibre cloth and then spread. Either way is fine. The advantage of quartz max is that it can go on bare paintwork, on top of wax or on top of a coating, it is not fussy.

Ceramic Coat - This is more of a polymer sealant than a coating but I thought for completion I would include it. This product is aimed primarily for home detailers who don't want to step up to a full coating but still want a product that leaves a 'coating like' finish in terms of water behaviour and durability (approx 6-9 months). Ceramic coat is not fussy on application conditions, as long as it is dry then you are good to go. To apply, firstly make sure the panel is clean and residue free, a product like Oil Zero is ideal. Add a few drops to a wax applicator and spread evenly on the panel. Wait about 10 mins before removing. You can apply to a few panels and then go back and remove, it is up to you. Curing times, you are looking at about 2 hours, and then you can top with quartz max if you want, or you can layer the Ceramic Coat itself, or you can leave as it. Ceramic coat over the first week will increase in gloss as it cures.

TAC System One Step Master - This is effectively Quartz Max on steroids. The si02 content is given a drastic boost from 5% to approx 25%. The consistency is cream like and is best applied using a microfibre applicator pad. Water based, spreads really well and is basically a wipe on wipe off product. You can apply to seveal panels and then come back to remove and it will still be effortless. Cure time, best to leave it for an hour before exposing it to the elements. Benefits over Quartz Max are durability and better beading and better sheeting (so will keep the car cleaner for longer). A 150ml bottle will last for ages and is really good value for money. Durability you are looking at 4-6 months

TAC System Moonlight - This product can be used as either a standalone sealant, in which case it is sort of like a baby coating if you like, or alternatively can be used on top of an existing coating to improve the water behaviour and durability. The consitency is liquid, so not like One Step Master. Unlike One Step Master it is oil based. It comes with a spray head so I find it easiest to mist onto the panel, spread with an MF cloth, flip and buff off. As it is oil based it will spread really well and leave an excellent, glossy finish. Cure time, best to leave it for a few hours before exposing it to the elements. Benefits over Quartz Max and One Step Master are durability and better beading and better sheeting (the beading and heeting of this product are AMAZING). A 150ml bottle will last for ages and is really good value for money. One point to note is the product will set, not as hard as a coating, but firstly, clean out the spray head after use and secondly wash the MF cloths properly after use. Durability you are looking at up to 6-9 months.

TAC System Quartz Magic Plus - Quartz Magic Plus is designed for Wheels, Trim, Headlights. Magic Plus has a higher si02 content than the old Magic, giving it more durability than before. Quartz Magic plus has a higher temperature resistance than the other coatings making it ideal for the wheels. Quartz Magic Plus will restore faded trim and product a long lasting, matt finish. Application wise you need the surface to be completely clean, a product like Oil Zero is deal. Apply evenly with the included suede applicator, on wheels you do not need to remove or buff the finish, just leave to set. For trim etc you can lightly remove any excess. Durability wise, you would be looking at about 12 months, we have tested this over 10 months and it is still going strong

Quartz Shine and Quartz Power Plus. I have put these together as they are both aimed at the home detailer market or professional market where an affordable coating option is wanted. Firstly we'll get the obvious out of the way, the si02 content on both is not the same, Quartz Power is 70% and Quartz Shine is 70%. The formula other than the si02 is different. Quartz Shine formula is designed to give a glossier, wetter looking finish than Quartz Power. Quartz Power formula is designed to be harder and more durable than Quartz Shine. Both are quoted as up to 2 years durability but because Quartz Power leaves a harder and thicker coat if they were both exposed to harsh conditions then Power would outlast Shine. For people who have a car that does alot of miles, Quartz Power Plus is ideal. For people that want a long lasting coating with a 'showroom' shine then Quartz Shine is your friend.
In terms of application, they are both very similar. Make sure surface is completely clean using products like Iron Zero and Tar Zero to remove embedded contaminants and then wipe down with Oil Zero. If you have swirls and/or scratches then you can use the Refinish series to produce the best looking finish. Both products come with suede application cloths and block. Wrap the suede applicator cloth around the block and apply a few drops of the chosen product. Apply in a criss cross motion on the panel. For larger panels you can split in sections. Once applied, remove immediately with a short pile microfibre cloth. Both of these can be used on wheels or trim however neither will be as durable and Quartz Magic. Curing times, ideally you want to leave it for 24 hours but if you are applying outdoors you can top with Quartz Max after 1 hour to prevent water spots in the usual unpredictable UK weather!

Quartz Sparkle - This is the top coating and is also the most expensive. Some may say it is a professional application only product however we have it available for home detailers also. Quartz Sparkle is more durable than Quartz Shine or Power, and will give a glossier finish than Quartz Shine, it will also 'Darken' darker colours (if that makes sense). Due to the chemical nature of Quartz Sparkle we recommend applying indoors and in a well ventilated area. This coating has to be left for 24 hours to set once applied. It is the highest si02 content coating in the TAC System range at the moment. Application wise it is quite similar to Quartz Shine and Power. With Quartz Sparkle however you need to be very precise on removal, it has to be done immediately and properly, hence the reason it is normally kept for professional only application. The panel also needs to be correctly prepared in order to get the full durability. If you are paying this much for a coating and only get 1 year for example then you would be disappointed, you should be looking at closer to 3 years. The reason for this is usually down to lack of proper preparation, again one of the reasons why it is often recommended for professional only use. I don't want to put anyone off Quartz Sparkle, it is a magnificent coating but if you are new to coatings, certainly look at Quartz Shine and Quartz Power first, as much a temptation will try to sway you Quartz Sparkle.

Please remember for all coatings you must clean the surface of all oil and residue using a product like Oil Zero
For all coatings it is recommended to avoid washing for the first 7 days and thereafter using a pH neutral shampoo.

I hope this helps some of you and answers some question.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask and i'll try my best to answer.

Thank you for your time


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Hi Imran, I've got sparkle plus that's going on a black Volvo in the near future does it need a topper or is the beading/sheeting strong as a stand alone.
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