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First proper detail! - Part 2

Looks like some of you guys found my previous thread to be of interest, so here's the next something I did over the week, it's only a small section but there was a lot to it so thought I'd share what I've been up to!

Anyways... as mentioned previously, I wanted to give the car the "full" works, so here's what I've found out from doing so, and what it took to get there.

Looking back at the previous paint depth notes I made, passenger side bonnet needed the most work as from the first post where there was a distinct lack of gloss, heavy orange peel and some wet sanding marks which were present. I think the car had been smart repaired around this area, as re-taking the depth of hazy area, some readings were nearing 400microns!

So to start, though the car was fully decontaminated last time, I gave it a dust down with a wool duster like this:

then proceeded to divide up the areas so I can decide what method I wanted to take to correct this panel:

I had another look around the paint, and it here were the wet sanding marks:

Not very clear, but the reflection is heavily distorted with this one:

and generally:

So first of all, I knew I needed to do something heavy, especially on the heavy orange peel area. So with this part I decided on wet sanding, in a safest way I could. I knew I had a lot more paint in this area, so was more adventurous!

Using a flexipad sanding block, and some 7000 grit sanding paper + Carpro immo lube + Car pro eraser + 600gsm MF from Polished bliss, I made a start. Note paint was measured regularly to see if I was doing ok, and at this point I can tell why nobody really says about the reduction in depth - you just can't measure the same spot again, so only way to do it is to have a depth gauge I'm afraid - I measured one part at 120 to start, after sanding was supposedly 126.... go figure!

You can really tell, in some areas, where the paint had ridges after sanding however doing this by hand is extremely tedious and, results were a little patchy at this point:

Also immolube didn't do a good job for this purpose, it felt very sticky after and was hard to wipe off. Perhaps it was being lubricated too much. So a quick google later - it said about detergent and water for sanding, but I decided to use some water with a few drops of zymol auto wash for this.

I still wasn't getting anywhere with this, though it was a definitely better solution to use. Still lubricated it felt, just without the stickiness from before.

So after a lot of deliberations and more research, I thought I'd continue this process with a machine - though research says it can be difficult, I'm definitely a give it a go kinda guy! I had choice of 3 machines... I went with the lowest powered lowest throw machine, the Meguiars MT320 (8mm throw I believe) and using a larger backing plate, flexipad intermediate pad and 3M trizact 6000 grit pad, I proceeded:

Few sprays of the previous solution, with no pressure and on speed one:

Very quick work and very uniform result in no time! So i went ahead and removed all the sectional tapings, and continued with the whole section in this way.

After the bulk was flattened, further inspection was done to identify the high spots and there were definitely plenty of these...

This is where the block and paper by hand came into play, it was thoroughly worked to flatten those spots out, keeping in mind the depth of the paint at all times.

Now I couldn't wait to see how it would look like polished up, so I got my new toy out - the new Flex XFE 15-150 cordless DA. I thought I'd make a quick spruce with CG Green hex pads and CG VSS to start:

The machine is extremely nice to use, with a lot less vibration from the motors and very easy to handle on the panels. Definitely had the oomph to carry on spinning with pressure as well, and this was after 1 step:

It is quite impressive what it can correct in that time, but as you can see it's not to perfection... so had to use something a bit heavier then finer to refine. I had the pads and polish from the MT320 set, so thought I'd use them for a quick test.

Using the purple heavy pad + compound followed by yellow soft pad + polish, here was the result... now all I can say at that point was, damn, finally something so near perfect??

This area needs a bit more work later, but the reflection is corrected on that dodgy patch:

It was strange in a way that reflection had hardly any distortion, but I was almighty happy!

So that concludes my part 2, hope you all find it interesting and appreciate your comments as before! (now to do the rest of the car.... I can see why the pro's charge £1000's!)
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BaileyA3 (25-06-2018)
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Really good results there - looking forward to episode 3 now...
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Originally Posted by Stoner View Post
Really good results there - looking forward to episode 3 now...
Ditto that - I love it when a bit of graft transforms an ugly duckling into a beauty! Great work, fella, keep us updated
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Chris Donaldson
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Great write up on both part 1&2. You're certainly seeing the results for your effort. Well done!
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Looking good mate, certainly tempting me in to getting mine wetsanded. Keep us posted with the updates
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looking good mate
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