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Detailingworld™ Lite Review - CarPro Bug-Off


First many thanks to Craig, the man behind CarPro UK who sent me out a large box of various goodies for review. These products will be my first experience of CarPro and given the excellent reputation, I am very excited to try a few products from the range out. The reviews will be carried out in order of when you would use them during the detailing process. First up we have CarPro Bug-off which is a insect and splatter remover. Given the weather we have been having, bug splatter is a big issue at the moment so this is the ideal time to give this a run out.

For any more information on Bug-Off or the rest of the CarPro range, you can follow the following link to the CarPro UK website listed below:

The Product

Bug-Off is a simple spray on insect body and splatter remover. With the warm, dry summer weather now upon us these type of products will be used a lot more frequently. I have been finding during my recent maintenance washes even with an initial pressure washer rinse, followed with a pre-wash and another rinse the bug splatter still clings onto the front of the car. The 500ml bottle of Bug-Off couldn't have came at a better time and it has been given a good run out prior to this review.

The Method

First up was my yearly decontamination wash prior to correction on my own little Abarth 595 Competitizione. The car wasn't hugely dirty but it did have a few stubborn bug splats on the front that the pressure washer, prewash and snow foam had failed to fully remove.

Bug-off was shaken up then applied liberally to the front of the car. The liquid was rather thin but luckily it foamed up pretty well in the trigger sprayer which gave it a little dwell time.

This was allowed to dwell for roughly 60 seconds as being so thin I thought if it was left any longer in the warm air it may begin drying out. With no agitation at all the pressure rinse removed the remaining bug splatter with ease.

It proved very effective but I wanted to test it out on something that had substantially more bug splat. Luckily a friend had been asking me for a while if I would sort out his Royal Crown Toyota, imported from Japan. This was arranged for the following weekend and when it was arrived I was thrilled to see it was caked with insect remains

This time to really test Bug-Off no pre-wash/snow foam was used. The front of the car was liberally sprayed and this was allowed to dwell the same 1 minute before rinsing.

The results again were fantastic. There was a lot more bug splat here that had sat on the paint a lot longer than on my own car but Bug-Off had no issues breaking this down.


Pricing for Bug-Off starts at £9.99 for 500ml, £16.99 for 1L and 4L comes in at £59.99. You can follow the link below if you wish to purchase any of the available sizes:

Would I use it again?

If this review was based purely on performance then yes, without a doubt I would look into purchasing more of this. It is possibly the most potent bug & insect remover which doesn't require much dwell time to be effective. The problem is the price which is expensive no matter which quantity you look at. Roughly the 500ml and 1L sizes are about 30% more expensive than comparable products but the 4L at £60 really hits the wallet hard and doesn't offer a great deal of discount for buying in bulk.


Bug-Off is an extremely effective bug & insect splatter remover and from the ones I have tried is the best I have used. The down side is the price and the fact that you get 1L less product in comparison to other companies. This makes it difficult to recommend for weekend warriors like myself. I think if the bulk 4L price could be brought down to offer a bigger discount on the larger quantity it would make it more accessible to the general public. That said if you after an extremely potent bug & insect remover and money is no object you won't be disappointed in the performance of Bug-Off.

DW reviewer has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test.
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