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Detailingworld™ Review - Britemax Virtue


Many thanks to Matt over at Britemax-Direct for sending out this sample sized bottle of Virtue, along with a few others for review. I have previously tested, reviewed and been left impressed by other products from the range, so I am excited to try out some of the brands new offerings to the market. Britemax are not to be mistaken as an American company, although all their product development takes place in the states the company is actually British owned. Something I wasn't aware of until I began reviewing their range of products.

Following on from the pleasant Pure Max, this is the 2nd review in my 4 part Britemax product review series with LSPs Extreme Elements 2.0 and Remax still to come. For any further information on any of the products tested & the brand, please visit who are the official distributors of Britemax goods within the UK.

The Product

What exactly is Virtue then?

I admit I have struggled to define this product. It could be looked at as any number of the following such as a glaze, a finishing polish, an all-in-one, a cleansing polish and even a paint priming polish for ceramic coatings. Virtue has clearly been designed with versatility in mind. What sets Virtue apart from most others on the market is its chemical background which doesn’t feature wax or polymers but Silica aka SiO₂ . These types of ceramic based/infused products seem to be growing ever more popular, especially in the LSP market but they are pretty rare when it comes to AIO/polishes. The description direct from the Britemax-direct website is as follows:

“Britemax Virtue Si02 Primer Polish 473ml (16oz)

• Ceramic Coating Preparation
• Adds a protective layer of Si02
• Super hydrophobic finish
• Produces extreme levels of gloss
• Contains semi-permanent fillers
• Use with DA, Rotary or by hand
• Also available in pro trade bulk US gallon

Virtue is a silica primer finishing polish designed to leave painted surfaces with a high gloss finish, ready to be sealed. Featuring a blend of durable resins that produce unpararalled levels of gloss and nano-tech quartz technology.

Virtue contains fine abrasives manufactured to remove light swirls and scratches, whilst leaving behind semi-permanent fillers to create the perfect finish.

By Machine: Shake well. Clean and dry surfaces. Use a polishing / finessing buffing pad. Dispense a liberal amount of product on the desired surface and spread evenly using the face of the buffer pad. Increase buffer speed and gradually reduce pressure. Work areas to a desired finish. Buff and remove dried residue with a clean soft cloth.

By Hand: Shake well. Apply a small amount to surface and rub in a circular motion with a polishing cloth / applicator. Buff dried residue off with a seperate soft clean cloth.”

This small 4oz (113ml) sample sized bottle still includes all the quality features of the larger, full sized 16oz products. The labels are smaller versions of the larger ones and include the same smart Britemax branding which includes all relevant descriptions/instructions. The sample bottle still includes the handy flip open tops which makes applying pea sized dots onto your pad less messy. The fluid within didn’t smell like much, just the usual polish type scent you get with most of these products. Viscosity was thinner than other products of this type and I found it was similar to pouring cream in viscosity.

The Method

My sisters CX-5 has been a little neglected of late and I haven’t really washed it myself for quite a few months. The car has also had a few little scrapes in that time that needed some attention, namely on the front wing. With Virtue requiring testing I thought this would be a good opportunity to give it a little run out on a few panels and see what it can do. The car was given the usual treatment with a pre wash and 2BM. The panels I would be trying Virtue out on also had a full decontamination carried out (de-tar, fallout removal and claying).

I set up my DA with a foam finishing pad. The first panel to be machined would be the front bumper which had a few marks on it and one very visible straight line scratch.

Three large pea sized blobs per applied to the foam pad and patted along a section of the bumper.

The DA was then set to a low speed (2) and with light pressure the product was spread evenly across the panel. Moderate pressure was then applied with the speed increased to 4.5. I worked Virtue in both horizontal and vertical lines for a total of 4 passes. Pressure was then reduced with speed going up to 5.5 and a further 2 passes were carried out until the film was almost clear. The remainder of the bumper was polished in the same way until complete.

The dried haze buffed off effortlessly with absolutely no grab on the MF towel at all. Whether it is the filling capability or the cutting ability I don't know, but the results were pretty impressive considering I only used a finishing pad and the previous scratch was now barely visible. The resulting gloss was very impressive with the bumper looking very sharp.

Next to receive some attention was the passenger side wing which again had a few scratches I could test out Virtue on.

The same method as above was carried out on the wing so spread over on low speed, work in with moderate pressure for 4 passes then finish off with less pressure for 2 passes.

The results again were as impressive, proving the bumper wasn't a one off.

Once again the levels of gloss achieved was extremely impressive from this combination of Virtue on a finishing pad.

Although only a few panels were machined on this occasion, it gave me enough time to form an opinion on Virtue. Firstly it is an absolute dream to use. It spreads really well and has good work times with absolutely zero dusting. Working the product into the panel results in an almost clear film remaining and removing this is effortless. Using my plush korean MF, the haze buffed off the panels as if there was nothing there at all.

I think given how Virtue performed it would take a lot of effort to overwork and cause this product to dust up. The level of cut provided was surprising to me given that I was only using a soft finishing pad. Now I am aware that Virtue also has semi permanent filling properties so it is likely part of the impressive results is down to this. It is worth noting though that I spoke to Matt at Britemax about the cutting power of Virtue. He forwarded me a few photos and short write up from another tester, in which he managed to remove 2000 grade grit marks using Virtue on a cutting pad. As he wiped the panel down several times with panel wipe after use, this proved the correction came from the abrasives and not the fillers. Finally the gloss levels are top notch. The panels machined using Virtue were obvious to see with a sharpness and clarity to the paint not seen on the untouched panels.

Lets not forget that Virtue does offer some protection on application. Durability hasn't been accurately measured and is no more than an added bonus but roughly a few months can be expected on it's own. Water behavior doesn't disappoint either with the beads, small, tight and uniform.


I couldn't see a price for the sample size sent out but a full size bottle of Virtue will cost you £32.95 for the 16oz (473ml) which although expensive, still undercuts similar competitors. Britemax Virtue can be picked up here:

Would I use it again?

This is difficult. I love everything about this product but for me personally, I don't think I would. This opinion comes not because the product didn't perform, it's a corker of product. Virtue's party piece is that it can be used to prep paint for ceramic coatings, offering both good cut and filling capabilities in one step with the unique ability that ceramic coatings can go straight on top of it. This is why the cost is high in comparison to other polish/compounds/AIO in the Britemax range. and as I don't use coatings Virtue would be wasted on me.


Virtue is like an AIO polish/compound but on steroids. Both application and removal is effortless with the results via machine truly fantastic. It has a rare feature in that it can be used like a super glaze, correcting and filling with a ceramic coating applied on top. Doing so seals those semi-permanent scratch hiding fillers in for a long time along with the fantastic gloss. If you are looking for a product that can greatly improve the condition of your paint quickly but still allow a ceramic coating on top I would urge you to give Virtue a go.

Thanks for reading guys and feel free to ask any questions. Ps. I will be giving this another run out in future so will add more photo's and 50/50 shots.

DW reviewer has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test.

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