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Old 10-03-2019, 05:39 PM   #1
Kelly @ KDS
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KDS Keltec Ferrari F355 GTS Restoration. Plus Question

Hi Guys,

I am fully aware been absent from Detailing world for a very long time.
This has not been my intention or wishes.

The Logistics of business and many changes over the last few years has meant each time I gone to start a good old write up thread like the old days I been pulled away from the task.

So to get back into the swing of things I have a genuine question to ask on DW.

My write up I want to post on here is a complete restoration Ferrari F355 GTS.
so, my dilemma.

I have condensed the cloud storage album for this tread to around 3500 photos into 52 sub folders.

Would you rather

1) Read all the text and see al the photos in one long tread

2) Read the text and see the photos in sub threads , ie chassis, engine, wheels, bodywork, glass, leather, carbon, brakes, wet sanding. You get the idea.

3) Edit all the photos into a video style album with narration of the work carried out.

4) If 3 seems to be most popular how long would you want Each video to be in time scale

Slightly off subject what is your general preference for future KDS show cases, video or photos.

So below are a few random selected photos of the complete job to wet your appetite.

when I say “few” it is compared to the entire 3500 photos.

So guys thanks for reading and viewing its always appreciated

Please comment below and let me know how you would like to read about the entire process.

Regards Kelly

To contact KDS Keltec, please click the banner.

You can also find us on
Facebook / YouTube / Twitter

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Because of the sheer amount of work that hs gone into it, I would say sub-threads for different parts of the build would be a good idea.
That 355 looks amazing BTW! You should get in touch with Tavarish on YT, as he could definately use some help when it comes to all things 355!
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leon20v (11-03-2019)
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1) Read all the text and see al the photos in one long tread

amazing work!
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Hey Kelly. I would go with option 2. Great to see you back on here where your needed
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-Stuart W-
Orbital Oracle
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Can't wait for this

For practical reasons I'd say option 2. If I may be greedy it would also be great to see a video with narration of approach, how you overcame challenges etc. although I appreciate that this would probably not be viable due to time.

Good to see you posting on here again
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I'd prefer 2 but i suspect that it will put some people off having to navigate sub threads etc and for that reason i think 1 will possibly be the favourite.

That is a stunning restoration too
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2 please, this is gonna be some thread!
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Sponge Jockey
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wot!da!fu!q... will die before I see 'em all 3500 ...

Gorgeous'n'Stunning by Kelly's standards as always or some short-cuts taken due to ~~~ too-much-pictures-not-enough-manpower-to-perform-the-job ? Kidding...

I'd soooo love to see them all whatever the way !
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Well happy birthday if you didn't see the other thread on here

I would go with 2 Kelly but also a short video would be good as well
Maybe a lot focusing on the sanding side of things.
I remember seeing this in person and it looked amazing

Glad to see you back and don't disappear again
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Amazing looking project! Congratulations, and great to see you back! You have been missed...

I for one would love to see option #2... Several threads focusing on different parts of the build, with the opportunity to enjoy your writing and descriptions of how you went about the different parts of this restoration. Videos would lose too much of what goes into a project like this, I fear.

This forum really can use someone with your experience sharing their thoughts on how they approach a 'halo' sort of project like this, and talking (Even at brief.) about tools and technique along the way. Even if few will ever attempt something at that level, it helps us all to learn, and understand what is possible... Not just the detailing side of things, but various other aspects of the ground-up restoration, as well, if you're kind enough to share with us the time it takes to create such excellent posts. Every piece of a project like this is fascinating.

Great to see you back, and good to know that your business is doing well.

- Steampunk
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kds, kds detailing, kds keltec, kds painting, kelly harris

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