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Old 26-04-2021, 09:11 PM   #1
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New patios by a novice.......

No holiday this spring so the wife wanted the garden doin. Was obviously looking ok to me.......

But no, the boss wants the summer house in the opposite corner and a patio dining area where the summer house is.

And also the council pavers taken up and replaced with something more modern

All in all around 40sq meters of patio and take down and put back up the house in the opposite corner.

Wife gets a price from a couple of landscapers. Between £5-6k

So I thought I’d draft a few ground worker mates in and give it a go on a weeks leave. I’m on it all day and the lads are coming after work about 4-8ish at £150 day rate (pro rata)

Bought 40sq meter of mid range patio at £22 a square meter so £1000

Ordered 3ton of sand, 750kg concrete for £320. And a skip a 8yd skip at £200

Took the summer house down easy enough at weekend and took up all the sleepers etc. and painted all the fence (a job the landscaper didn’t price for)

Start of today

My mate from work came to help today at 9am - for free but still paid him day rate, Altho he was annoyed at that!

As we were waiting for the skip to come, didn’t get here till 12. We dug 4 new fence posts

Another job not priced for. Altho a new fence should have been in order really. Having a gap it doesn’t get effected by the wind much. And next door wasn’t keen on having the mess.

We started digging out once the skip came and it was a nightmare! Had to pick axe the ground. Cldnt get a digger in as too narrow down the side of the house and the back fence is bolted cross members and double skinned.

Ground worker pals came at 4 and my mates 17yr lad as barrow boy. They brought 1.5 ton of hardcore too.

Worked till about 1930 when by then I was broken now looking like this.......

Had to still saw the council pavers 100mm from the dwarf wall and then slide them out from under the render I got done a few years ago.

And when the pavers came up theses no hardcore under there. Just sand. So all that will need digging out and about 6 ton of hardcore.

Just from digging that corner out the skip is almost full!

Learnt a lot today and did quite enjoy it. See how much I enjoy digging out the other corner by myself tomo. Altho I’ve the garden hose on it to try and soften the mud!

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divorce would be easier? No?
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Has your Mrs rung mine ? this is exactly what I get all the time inc “moving” patios ....and just redesign the garden..

Credit for you getting stuck in, must admit that is my logic good luck will be good to monitor your progress.
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Old 26-04-2021, 10:42 PM   #4
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I feel you! I did this over 4 days with help on one of the days!

We get the sun at the front of the house most of the day so spent most of the time out the front.

From this..

To this..

To this...

To this...

To this... (just the grouting and a bit of top soil in the gaps at the front to do)

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Old 26-04-2021, 10:51 PM   #5
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It'll be worth it and I'm sure you'll be agreeing your wife was right soon enough.
Once done and you realise the money you saved, you'll be happier.

Hope the watering makes digging easier, we're on clay here so awful stuff to dig once about a foot down.
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Old 27-04-2021, 07:07 AM   #6
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Every credit mate, looking good, i bet you are aching after digging and shifting all that.
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Old 27-04-2021, 08:40 AM   #7
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Having paid for a patio and associated work last year, and seeing the amount of labour that goes in to it, I don't envy the job you've got but you have my admiration taking it on!
Will be very satisfying in the end I'm sure
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Old 27-04-2021, 09:15 AM   #8
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Looks like you have made a really good start and I'm sure end result will be worth it but that quote you got seems extremely high.

Mother in law just had her garden completely done, bit bigger than yours. Lawn dug up, ground levelled, new top soil, re-turfed and raised sleeper borders built around three sides with 4x3m paved patio area in one corner.

Really good quality job for £2500

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Old 27-04-2021, 09:25 AM   #9
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Great start and im sure you will do a great job
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Old 27-04-2021, 08:16 PM   #10
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Cracking start and you’ve definitely made progress there...
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