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The Showroom Detailed something and want to show it off? Do it here... This is the place for you to show the world....

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Sponge Jockey
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** Pic's of my collection... M3...JAGUAR..CLK's... BRABUS VITO V6..INDIVIDUAL 330CD**

Hello everyone

First of all, I hope this thread doesn't come across wrong but as a thread that i just want to share the passion I have for cars.

This will be one of those VERY long threads with lots and lots of pic's..... This site is the perfect place to share the love and passion i have for cars as i think if not all of us, most of us on this site have the same thing in common..... the love for our cars and the effort we put into our cars

I'll start with my E46 M3 that i've had for about 9 years now.... I bought this car with 20k on the clock.... Now it has 27k on the clock and i'm the second owner
It used to be oem for about 2 years and then i got bored so i decided to modify the car...... Now i'm thinking of putting the car back to factory oem.
I've bought a set of brand new original M3 wheels and they'll go on once the car is back to standard.... It's so rare nowdays to see an e46 M3 with original wheels as most of them have been diamond cut, painted or polished as no one can do the factory finish on this wheels.

This is how it used to look

image hosting

This is the list of things that where done to the car,

Custom front bumper.... front splitter blended in
Custom rear bumper... CSL rear diffuser blended in
ACS boot spoiler blended in
Lowered on coilovers
polished oem 19's [square setup]
Big brake kit
Euro tips
Wrapped in aluminuim grey 3m including the door shuts


Custom steering wheel
Imola red gaiters
Imola red arm rest
Acs pedals
floor mats
Black front and side grills
Colour coded front grills [outer trims]
Tinted front indicators
I think that's all the mods

This is how the car looks now

upload picture

The new wheels

image hosting 10mb limit

Next car is a Jaguar S type.... I bought this car for my parents as a gift 2 years ago when i go married..... This car had 20k on the clock... Now its done about 24k

No one had ever sat in the back

free upload image

free image host

Next is my Mercedes Vito V6
I bought this van about 2 - 3 months ago
First thing was to buy a private plate..... i think its a funny plate but to be honest all my friends says, Sam when it comes to your cars, you have OCD, so even though they say it as a joke, its kind of true

I wanted to make the van stand out a little bit and I mean a little bit but of course as always when you browse car/van forums you get ideas and in my case if I like something I have to go ahead and do it.
At first I thought I'd get the front end painted as the bonnet, bumper had some stone chips and there was a dent at the bottom of the tail gate and rear bumper had a scratch.
The paint was shocking! I've never seen a car with sooo many swirls, plus all the signs that it had before you could still see

As I was browsing the forum I found out you could do a facelift conversion! I liked that so I thought I'd just look on eBay and see "if" i could find the parts. At this point it was a big "IF" but I found facelift headlamps and made an offer. The guy excepted the offer and there was no going back now .

I then found the facelift wings
Ordered the wiring for the headlamps from Germany
Plastic inner arches
Viano front grill
Viano front bumper.
Now as for the bumper, I wanted the bumper that has the chrome bits on the sides as I read it's quite rare to have this bumper. I also found a pic of a brabus viano that had the same bumper with the chrome bits but with a brabus front splitter blended in not like the usual brabus front bumper that have a part stuck on.... I like that but it's not what I wanted. I wanted something that is all one piece and not something just stuck on

I found the bumper that I wanted but the chrome bits that go on the side of the bumper were missing. I thought it's fine they'll probably cost something like £50..... how wrong was I!!! £175+ later from Mercedes I had 2 chrome bits that are not even real chrome but plastic! Rip off or what! Anyways I needed them so had to pay the price.

Luckily I also found the front brabus splitter that I needed, bought that too.
It wasn't an easy simple fit as you'll see from the pics but the guys at the body shop done a really good job.

As for wheels I wanted brabus wheels and I wanted 20s as I had some genuine brabus 20s few years ago for my w211 e class.... I found the same wheels that i had before but they were in a bad state. I love this style of wheels and I went ahead and bought them. I had the face of the wheels and the lip polished.... done it myself.... not a job i recommend anyone to do
I ordered 4 tyres but later I got another 2 as I wanted to try different size tyres to see which ones looked better.
Opinions wanted what you think looks best... rear tyres have bigger sidewalls

A rear spoiler was ordered.
Side steps
Chrome mirror covers
Chrome door handles
Chrome tail gate Handel
Chrome tail gate trim
Rear bumper chrome protected
Leather trim for the steering wheel was ordered also.
Led number plate lights
Led side lights
Chrome indicator bulbs
Custom leather seat covers (waiting to arrive)
Eibach springs

Once everything was fitted the van looked a bit to high. I decided to go for eibach springs as I didn't want to ruin the ride or lower the van too much as I'm tired of very low cars. It drives beautiful now and it doesn't feel like a boat like they normally do when going around corners.

The van had no rust anywhere which is great as I'm sure you guys know how much they can rust.
It has some nice options...
Sat nav
Parking sensors front and rear
Cruise control
And for the first time ever, I love the fact that it's an auto. Always been a manual guy
If you've read all this, that's great, if not, I understand as I did write quite a bit

I will post some pics now, some before, during and after

Here's the van after it's first wash and how it looked when i first got it....

Wheels before

online photo storage


This is the bumper i saw

image url

The guys at the body shop having fun fitting the splitter

Paint before

images hosting

some wet and dry in places

The day came to fit all the parts..... Big thanks to my friend that let me have access to the garage for as long as i needed

The arches, suspension, lower arms, exhaust, underneath and other parts were cleaned and painted

free screen capture software

temporary image hosting

Started detailing

screen shot windows 7

All done

free photo hosting

More to come....

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Sponge Jockey
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Now the 330CD in Estoril blue..... I actually sold this car 3 months ago to make space for the van..... Its an e46 3.0l Diesel, 6 speed manual..... it was running 300bhp.
Hybrid tubro.... full egr delete....Custom 3inch straigh through exhaust system.....Custom intercooler....Custom remap
Genuine m3 mirrors.... CSL spoiler blended in.... Lowered on coilovers....BMW 6 series 19's painted bmw silver grey.... Individual interior as well

This really was a fun car to drive, it didnt sound like a diesel and it used to pull so hard. I upset a few people with expensive cars.
I went around Europe my wife in this and in Germany i went off the clock and it didnt take long to get there

pictures upload

images hosting

Last 2 cars.... Mercedes CLK...... i had to sell both of them due to not having space .... the dark blue one i bought quite some time ago and the light blue one was sold not long ago.... The dark blue one had only 18k on the clock and the light blue one had 20k on the clock

I only have one pic of the clk320, i have more pic's in my other laptop but i dont know where that is

photo hosting sites

The light blue one with 20k on the clock.... I went a bit crazy with the cleaning of this car.... took side skirts, bumpers off and inner arches to clean everything

free image uploading

free image host

image host

upload img

The car that was meant to be only for europe trips....Left hand drive X5 Sport, diesel and this car had about 35k on the clock and one owner from new

I done some work to this car too, mainly cleaning and refurb the wheels [myself]
I dont have too many before pic's

screenshot windows 7


free upload image

upload images

screenshot on pc


picture upload sites

and that's all!!!! I must say it's been hard work posting all this pic's, nearly as hard as datailing a car lol

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President Swirl
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Nice collection Sir. You take great care of them.
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Sam87 (20-05-2018)
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Very nice, and actually think the Vito is my favourite, Certainly different and that’s me all over.. Great work����
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Jack R
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The Vito is my favourite also, top work! The photos of the undersides of the cars/van, has that just been cleaned or have you re painted? What did you use?
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One of the best threads already on here mate, adore that m3 mmmm
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Orbital Oracle
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Those are a credit to you
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That Van finish is stunning! What potions were you using....apart from lots of elbow grease on the clay?
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Sam87 (20-05-2018)
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Excellent and some very nice motors there

Really liking how the Vito looks now - a definite credit
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