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Detailingworld™ Review - Bilt Hamber Atom Mac


It isn't very often in the car cleaning/detailing scene we get a genuinely new product that brings something to the market no other product offers. That is exactly what Bilt Hamber aims to provide with Atom Mac, their dilutable corrosion inhibitor.

Many thanks to Pete for sending this bottle of Atom Mac out for review and I look forward to seeing if Atom Mac can rid the discs of that annoying, post wash rusting.

Bilt Hamber are strong supporters of the forum and have been for many years. If any company deserves the support of the forum members it's these guys. If you want to check them out and their full range of products then simply follow the below link you to the company’s home page:

The Product

The 300ml bottle of Atom Mac shares the same clinical/sterile branding Bilt Hamber are famous for. Now this may not sound like a compliment but it is, It's hardly exciting but it does give off the vibe that it's from a company who know what they are doing and oozes professional grade products. It's simplistic but I think it is a good simplistic and looks smart. The bottles are also very distinguishable as Bilt Hamber due to their unique size/shape and the whole packaging comes across as very clean & non-fussy.

The product itself has a yellow tinge to it and smells of mild detergent. It almost looks like vegetable oil, sharing the same greasy, slick feel and is very slippy to the touch. The official Bilt Hamber description can be read below:

"Atom-Mac is a migratory and contact corrosion inhibitor that is diluted in water before use. It provides protection against corrosion in both open spaces and hollow voids. The powerful migratory phase corrosion inhibitors are liberated from the product and are carried in vapour phase to form an invisible atomic shield against corrosion of ferrous metal."

The Method

This will be short and sweet to demonstrate the abilities of Atom Mac to prevent corrosion taking place on bare metal.

The instructions provided by Bilt Hamber is as follows:

"Dilute from 2 – 5% in water and spray on surfaces to be protected. Atomise onto brake discs and surfaces after washing the vehicle and allow to dry (use 1-2% in water on motorcycles and bicycles and 5% on cars with disc brakes). Atomise into voids to protect interior surfaces at a rate of 2ml (of neat product) per litre of space.

Atom-mac should be diluted to 2- 5% to neutralise corrosive winter road salt and sprayed liberally on vehicle undersides this rate also provides invisible protection to bicycles, machinery tools and equipment. To use post deox C or GEL, or blast cleaning treatment 2% added to the rinse water is sufficient to eliminate flash corrosion and protect the treated item. Sealing in plastic bag or container traps the migrating corrosion inhibitors and adds further protection. atom-mac can be used in pressure washers and can be applied to the entire underside where it will neutralise road salt and emit power corrosion inhibitors, it should be applied at the end of each wash. Even wet cars can be put into storage allowing the migratory inhibitors to protect the entire vehicle. Aim for 2% atom-mac strength from the pressure washer nozzle."

The car was given the typical safe wash method (pre-rinse, pre-wish and 2BM) then one brake disc was doused with Atom Mac at 2% mix in a 500ml bottle (10ml) while the other was left as a comparison. The below photo shows the untreated brake disc:

As you can see the usual corrosion has set in rapidly on the brake disc, likely helped by the quite cold, damp night. This is the norm for brake discs unfortunately and leads to your freshly cleaned alloys being peppered with a cloud of brake dust on your first press of the brake after setting off post wash.

Fear not though for Atom Mac works and it works well, even at an extremely low dilutions.

The difference is night and day really looking at the two brake discs. With Atom Mac advised to be diluted between 2-5% the results are very impressive given this is at it's very minimum advised concentration. As you will see later on in the review the results only get better as you increase that dilution %.

So first test done and the results are impressive to say the least. Now onto Atom Macs party piece which nobody has touched on yet in a review. Due to the surfactants within the formula, at 5% dilution Atom Mac makes an effective and safe wheel cleaner with the added benefit that it will leave a layer of corrosion inhibitors on all metal it touches such as the alloy, wheel nuts, valves and of course, brake disc/caliper.

Keen to try this, a 5% solution (25ml in a 500ml bottle) of Atom Mac and water was mixed together in a spray bottle.

The wheels weren't hugely dirty but there was a layer of light grime/brake dust sitting on the alloy face, barrel & caliper. The wheel was sprayed down liberally with the mixture then agitated with a selection of soft brushes.

The 5% solution of Atom Mac foamed up well and showed clear signs of cleaning ability, lifting dirt within this foam. It also felt well lubricated during agitation.

All 4 wheels were done this way and as you can see by the below photograph, not only did it clean the wheel as well as any wheel cleaner mixed at maintenance cleaning ratio, it also left the brake disc totally corrosion free again.

Having played with this product quite a bit since receiving it, I have found it takes a very specific washing routine to work successfully without going OTT with product used. My routine is as follows and personally I believe this to be the best routine for using Atom Mac:

1. If you pre rinse the vehicle, do so without directly rinsing the alloy/arch/tyre etc. Take extra care during the pre-wash & rinsing stage to avoid contact with the discs.

2. For me the best option is to clean the alloys before any pre-wash etc. Take it one wheel at a time, quickly pre-rinsing the wheel before misting with wheel cleaner then agitating with brushes and rinsing. (if using Atom Mac as the wheel cleaner at 5%, simply rinse off and lightly mist the discs after rinsing with a 2% dilution).

3. Once rinsed, spray the brake disc, caliper, wheel nuts & even the suspension within the arch with Atom Mac at 2% ratio (if not used as wheel cleaner).


The 300ml bottle of Atom Mac tested here is available for only £14.95 excluding P&P from Bilt Hamber. Now for 300ml of product this is expensive but once you factor in dilution, a 300ml bottle can make you anywhere between 6 & 15L of Atom Mac solution depending on the % you wish to use. It is also available in larger qtys of both 1L & 5L for £39.95 & £159 respectively.

Atom Mac is available direct from Bilt Hamber by clicking the below link:

Would I use it again?

I've been using on every wash and it's now a must have product for me. I like using it after cleaning the wheels at 5% for the best results and it is a god send really. It takes away the horrible looking layer of oxidation post wash and stops this finding itself latching onto the alloys the first time you use the brakes.


If you are like me and hate those oxidized brake discs ruining the look of your car post wash and also hate how quickly your freshly detailed alloys get covered in brake dust, this is for you. It's a completely new product to the market and the only one of it's kind available as well as far as I am aware. For me this should be in every detailers arsenal as it's a must have for me.

It's well priced, highly economical and can also replace more harsh wheel cleaners for maintenance washes. Once again Bilt Hamber have brought something revolutionary to the market and hopefully continue to do so.

Many thanks for reading guys and feel free to ask any questions

DW has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test.
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