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you could always upgrade ...
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With such a great community here, surely there's a member with this setup in their Beemer close by.
Come on peeps.......why not offer to let the OP sample your sound system.
I've even hooked up with members on other forums to compare our transmission/clutch etc.
Anyway, on the topic of OEM upgrade Vs aftermarket ICE, I can see the merits of both as I've done both over the years.
Now I'm older I'm satisfied with my OEM setup with "Bose" components and sub.
Yes they are puny compared to aftermarket offerings but they are better than most standard offerings and enough for me to not bother with the faff of removing trim etc installing new amps, subs and speakers.
Good luck with your new sounds whichever way you go SB
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As a bit of a lover of music, I hated the HK with Logic7 in my mums car compared to my Mk5 golf with Aftermarket Rainbow Speakers. Until I played with the Logic7 Equalizer in her car, BMW have tiny speakers this is where the problem lies in the sound system in them.

Long story short go into the equalizer change the settings to a U shape, I'd send you a picture but it's in for a roughly 60Hz up high 150Hz slightly below, 400hz again slightly below 1KHz same level 2.4KHz same level as 400Hz and 15 KHz same level as 60Hz.

Also use Spotify on extreme quality makes a massive difference
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Originally Posted by Andyblue View Post
Iíve it specked in my 4 series - which I believe has 16 speakers - not found them all yet though

Iíve logic 7 surround sound in mine, so have speakers in doors, dash, rear door (where they would be) rear shelf, under front seats and ???

Sounds superb mate, I was unsure of it, but having had a brand new top spec 3 series without it whilst mine was in for a service - def glad Iíve got it as to me, huge difference - but only as Iíve been able to do a side by side (comparatively speaking) test. Donít get me wrong, the standard version was good and plenty good enough, but the HK is for me a step up.

Donít think youíll be disappointed
I have spec'd it in my 4 GC as well as I have a Bose surround sound set-up in the MAzda and though a little weedy in the bass department it is amazing, so wanted to get an equally adept system and thankfully it is included in teh M-Plus pack so had to be done,,,,
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