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Detailingworld™ Review - Autoglym High Performance Tyre Gel

Detailingworld™ Review - Autoglym High Performance Tyre Gel

As usual thank you to the boys and Girls at Autoglym for sending me some products to review. For more information on the Autoglym brand have a look here:

When you 1st look at a car one of the 1st things you notice is the wheels, yes the car can have immaculate glossy swirl free paint but if the wheels look shoddy it always detracts from the car and makes the finish look well... a bit crap. Surrounding the wheels are those bands of rubber which act like the eye lashes to a womans eyes so obviously to complete the look you want some tyre mascara (I am reliably informed that this is what its called ).

This is where tyre dressing comes in, there are so many different types and makes of tyres which all made of different compounds which take dressings in different ways. I have always struggled finding the right product which offers me the longevity and look I am after, it seems that these Bridgestones are a bit fussy dressing wise so its going to take alot to impress me.

The Product:

The product arrived wearing the usual Autoglym branding in a rather smart white PET bottle which matches the rest of the brand, the label contains all the pertinent information required.

The actual tyre gel is a thick gel like substabce, slightly pink in colour and smells really pleasantly like berries

Autoglym say:

Perfectly dressed tyres complete the look of your clean car. High Performance Tyre Gel is a long lasting, sweet scented tyre dressing. It contains active silicone polymers which contribute to the depth of shine and durability.

To ensure precise and even coverage apply with our Perfect Polish Applicator.

It can leave you with a high gloss or natural ‘new tyre’ finish, whichever you prefer.

So thats all you need to know really.

The Method:

Normally I will show the finished product at the end but wanted to just show the finished product this time then kind of an application guide to follow.....

This picture was taken 4 weeks after application, I had driven in excess of 200 miles a week which is my commute to work then obviously been pottering around when not at work so is could easily be 250miles a week or 1000 miles. To be fair and honest there has not been a massive amount of rain but there has been some.

I have got to say I was pretty happy with that kind of durability if I am honest and have not seen much that has hung around for that long.

So onto the application.....

My dirty X trail was in need to a quick tidy up today.

So as usual wheels and tyres 1st. The tyres were sprayed with a strong APC mix which was left to dwell for a couple of minutes before being agitated with a stiff brush to lift all the dirt from the tyres and also to remove any traces of old dressings to create the cleanest possible surface for the dressing to adhere to.

The wheels were then cleaned like normal and pressure washed off.

The rest of the car was given a snow foam prewash and the normal 2 bucket wash using the rather cool Autoglym HD Shampoo then rinsed and dried to leave it nice and clean.

Onto the important bit of the review....

The tyres were thoroughly dried prior to the dressing application.

A splodge of dressing was applied to a clean applicator sponge, cannot be more accurate with the amount used but it was probably about the size of a 50p and i will say that the flip top nozzle on the bottle allowed the gel to come out a little quicker than I was prepared for.

This was then applied to the tyre and went on really smooth. Tyre 1 probably took about 3 spodges of the gel to coat the entire tyre with an even coverage but the rest of the tyres only took one or 2 as the applicator sponge became impregnated with the gel.

It was really pleasing to see such a stark difference in the tyre as shown in the 50/50 shot but for me standing back and looking at the tyre it was way to glossy for my liking as I tend to favour a more OEM look.

Not a real problem though a quick buff with a clean MF cloth calmed the finish down alot to make it more satin looking rather than glossy.

Something else I was worried about was greasy residue as it did intially look like the tyre had been covered in chip fat but I am pleased to report that my finger came back looking dry although you could feel the added smoothness to the tyre.

So yep all in all looking good and a really pleasing result .


Ł9.99 for a 500ml bottle and is available from here:

Price wise this sits about in the middle of the price range for a tyre gel so is neither super cheap or eye wateringly expensive, value wise yet again with the amount used to coat the tyres it sits about where you might expect a tyre dressing to sit.

Would I use it again?:

Pretty simple answer here really, yes I would and yes I would probably buy some more especially if I see it on offer somewhere


Autoglym High Performance Tyre gel is a properly capable tyre dressing which lasts really well even on difficult tyres, its easy to apply, covers well and can be tailored to how you want it to look by layering and buffing.

There seems to be alot of pros with this dressing and not alot of cons and with the added bonus of a 1000 mile durability it makes it and enticing prospect if you are in the market for a new tyre dressing.

"DW has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

Thanks for reading
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