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Detailingworld™ Review - Adams Tyre and Rubber cleaner

Detailingworld™ Review - Adams Tyre and Rubber cleaner

1st up I would like to say thank you to Jeff at Prestige Car Care shop or Adams UK for sending me a couple of bits to try

For those of you who are not aware of the Adams brand which is proudly made in the US have a look here for more information: Its always interesting to see how other countries treat the car cleaning chemicals business and then how they translae to UK conditions.

I imagine that I am the same as most of you and Tyre/Wheel cleaning is not our favorite job but having said that it is essential and a well dressed clean tyre wrapping a clean wheel can really make all the difference to how the car is viewed, having said that we probably want to focus more on the interesting stuff so anything that speeds the process along is welcome addition to the arsenal so lets see what Adams Tyre and rubber cleaner has to offer.

The Product:

The product arrived in a handy little sample size bottle with a pump spray head and the usual Adams branding to the label.

The actual cleaner is a light orange in colour and smells a little like citrus fruits which was actuall really pleasant but not over powering.

Adams Say:

Our Tire & Rubber Cleaner was designed to remove stubborn grease and discoloration from tires and rubber trim.

For best results, grab Adam's Tire Scrub Brush!

• Removes Discoloration From Tires Quickly
• Works Great On Rubber & Trim
• Made In the USA

Adam’s Tire & Rubber Cleaner was formulated to remove stubborn grease and discoloration from tires and rubber trim, hoses, etc. While our All Purpose Cleaner is an effective cleaner/degreaser, this formula was specifically designed for rubber and plastic.

It’s extremely effective! Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner deep clean tires and removes baked on tire dressing, blooming and discoloration. It effectively removes oxidation, wax, and polish residue from rubber and plastic trim parts as well.

Al sounds interesting so far so lets see how it performs....

The Method:

Not wanting to let the review ramble I decided to try the Tyre and Rubber cleaner on just tyres as this is often the harshest test that this kind of product can go through (if it can clean a rubber tyre its going to be able to clean pretty much any kind of rubber).

So with out further ado I would like to introduce you to some dirty Bridgestone Duellers on the old X Trail....

The Tyre and rubber cleaner was sprayed liberally onto the wall of the tyre so about 6 pumps of the atomiser at 6 points round the tyre to ensure even coverage.

This was then left for a couple of minutes to dwell, its hard to portray in the pictures but you could actually start to see the dirt being lifted off the tyre.

The Tyre was then scrubbed using my favorite tyre cleaning brush to get into all the nooks and crannies of the tyre.

You could really see how much dirt and muck was being lifted from the surface of the tyre which was hugley impressive, this was then left to dwell for a couple more minutes before pressure washing off.

You really need to let cleaning chemicals dwell on the surface that is being cleaned to allow the 'activity levels' of the chemical to build up, if you do not allow this dwell time you might as well pour the chemical down the sink

Now I thought the tyre looked pretty clean but wanted to test it out in a more scientific manner so i grabbed a bit of kitchen towel and rubbed it on the tyre wall and to my suprose it came off pretty clean.

The wheels were cleaned in the normal way and the tyres/wheels dried using a drying towel.

All in all jobs a goodun and I was really happy with the results


Ł12.99 for a 500ml (or 16oz) bottle nd is available from here: Valuewise I used about 30ml of product to clean 4 tyres so a 500ml bottle would yield 17 sets of tyres or 19p per tyre which when you break it down like that is pretty good value.

Would I use it again?:

Simple answer here, the sample bottle is long gone and i will be sticking a bottle in my basket on my next Adams order


Adams Rubber and Tyre cleaner is one of the most effective tyre cleaners I have used, normally I would use a strong dilution of APC on my tyres which works to a certain extent but is not the complete focused solution that Adams Tyre and Rubber cleaner is. I can honestly say that its a product that suprised me with its efficacy.

If you are in the market for a specific tyre/rubber cleaner or you just want to treat your tyres to a really good clean after being neglected for a while why not give Adams Tyre and Rubber cleaner a try.

"DW has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

Thanks for reading
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