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Detailingworld™ Review – Gyeon Q2M Bathe Shampoo

Hi folks,
First and foremost, thanks to Clean and Shiny for sending out the Gyeon Q2M Bathe Shampoo for this review. See

Gyeon is one of those manufacturers of products that seems to be able to continually develop high-end, high quality goods. It’s a name that we are all very much familiar with, and there are regular posts in the showroom with Professionals using Gyeon as their preferred product. Have a look at for the full range of products. There’s a fairly comprehensive selection of Marine products too.

The Gyeon Quartz website explains that Gyeon Quartz appeared after years of development, in 2012. The brand HQ is located in South Korea, which was actually news to me! Gyeon develops, formulates and manufactures each chemical in-house, with each product developed in line with their mission statement “to deliver the very best product in terms of quality, durability and ease of use.”

Have a read at

The Product

One thing about the Gyeon range, is their very distinctive packaging. The bottles have an angular effect, giving a similar appearance as that of a Quartz Crystal. I actually really like that branding consistency.
The Gyeon Q2M Bathe was supplied in a 400ml clear plastic bottle, presumably PET.
The product itself is a thick, light blue liquid, with a pleasant chemical scent. The screw top is one of the child-proof ones, that you’ve got to press down to unscrew. This appeared to be somewhat adult-proof too, but some gentle persuasion sorted it fairly quickly.
There are very clear application instructions on the label, along with some background information relating to the product ingredients. There’s also a small safety leaflet attached to the bottle too.

It’s a fine looking bottle, and has Gyeon embossed into the plastic.

The Manufacturer says:

From -
Q²M Bathe is superbly efficient thanks to highly concentrated formula. The thick gel is naturally water-soluble, emitting a very pleasant smell, reminiscent of Q²M Cure, as well as producing a long-lasting foam.
Our very traditional, ph neutral shampoo is the perfect choice for daily maintenance of every vehicle. High foam and a gentle cleaning action allow to also use it on cars covered with traditional, natural wax. TIP: Dilute Q²M Bathe in warm water to increase its power and allow quicker removal of light contamination.
Q²M Bathe is a quality pH neutral car wash. It has good cleaning power to dissolve dirt easily, but is gentle enough not to affect coatings or sealants. And because it is pH neutral it also ensures that delicate finishes such as nickel / chrome plated or highly polished elements remain pristine.
90% of paint defects occur as a consequence of improper washing. A two-bucket method, a soft glove or an efficient pressure washer can only partly guarantee success. One of its most crucial constituents remains its slipperiness as a shampoo, which boosts the smooth gliding of the glove over the surface of the paint. The better the slippery features, the more we are able to minimize the risk of developing new defects on the paint of our vehicle.

There’s a link to the Gyeon Product Brochure.

Direction For Use

Shake well before use
Pour 20-30ml into a 10-15 litre bucket
Use a grit guard
Wash entire car with a soft, HQ mitt in a straight line motion, starting from the top.
Rinse well with clean water.
Dry with a suitable drying towel.
Keep out of reach of children.

The Method

As with any of my reviews, one thing I do to ensure consistency, is to follow the instructions to the letter. So, after having had a good read, I got going.
The car hadn’t been washed in around a week, so all we had to deal with was the usual crud and road-grime. It was powerwashed, but not snowfoamed, just so I could see how the Q2M Bathe performed at removing dirt. For clarity, the car had been treated to a light machine polish and a sealant a few months back, with quick detailer having been used at each wash since.
So, I measured out the Q2M bathe, and put 15ml into a 10 litre bucket. All quantities were measured. I also opened a new wash mitt to use.

The wash bucket foamed up very nicely indeed. I always tend to have to exceed product instructions for shampoo, as I live in a fairly hard water area. This was good to see.

While washing the car, I didn’t really see a lot of the suds transferring onto the panels, but the solution did feel reasonably slick, and didn’t appear to be grabby in any way whatsoever. I’ve seen this happen before, and it may actually be down to the fact that I used a brand new wash mitt for the review.

Q2M Bathe appeared to do a brilliant job of cleaning the panels, with my rinse bucket having a fair bit of dirt in the water.

It did manage to keep he wash bucket nice and clean though.

Some beading, so it didn’t mess with current protection!

And the finished result.


Gyeon Q2M Bathe is available to purchase from Clean and Shiny at for the 400ml; and for the 1 litre.

The price is £8.99 for 400ml, and £17.99 for the 1 litre bottle.

Clean and Shiny currently also provides free UK shipping (including NI) on all orders over £50. See for further detail.

Would I use it again?

Yes. I really liked this.


While I said above that it didn’t really sud up too well, I think this is down to the new wash mitt, rather than any issue with product performance. In all the other areas, Gyeon Q2M Bathe was excellent. It seemed to really soften the dirt on the panels, which enabled the wash mitt to very easily remove all traces of dirt and grime on the panel. One for the detailing arsenal I think.

Thanks for taking the time to read, peeps.


"Detailingworld™ reviewer has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "
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Very brief update. I used the Gyeon q2m bathe with a well used wash mitt this morning. I put slightly more product in the wash bucket, and I had an excellent amount of sud transfer onto the panels. Felt really slick too!



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