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The Showroom Detailed something and want to show it off? Do it here... This is the place for you to show the world....

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Animal Detail...

Now i know its been done before but i was desperate to see if i could detail an animal and the plastics so here goes...

Ok the last few days i have been a touch bored so thought i would give the dyson a detail....

Its the animal version sporting single stage purple paintwork with a nice silver metallic band around the middle and low profile runners....These were an optional extra in the John Lewis sale...

The dyson when it turned up...

The first thing i noticed was that at some stage in its life it had had an accident or bump with a wooden skirting board due to the marks on the near side fender.....The owner was not very cautious when navigating this beast...

I informed the owner and she replied i was mad and what the feck was i doing anyway.....

I informed her that i had the tools to remove the defect but it would cost her £10 out of the housekeeping to which she declined the offer and said she would get it stolen and claim off the house insurance....

I decided on the following tools for the job.....

After lifting the bonnet i could see straight away that the owner had neglected it badly due to using her quickly then retiring to the sofa for animal hospital for the afternoon... A touch of 303 aerospace diluted 10:1 would sort this out...

I started with the wash down...I decided against the snow foam simply because when i used it on the microwave last month i was struggling to see through the smoke and felt it unfair on the neighbours as a red dennis turned up at 3am in the morning ......

You can see straight away the months of neglect and dirt built up inside just vanishing......I felt a smile creep over me .......

The animal was then washed using the 2 cup method and dryed using an aquatouch drying towel and hankie.....

Next using swissvax paint rubber and clay lube the dyson was decontaminated and clayed thoroughly.....I found a toe nail so folded the clay in half to stop the paintwork getting scratched....

Once the dyson was clayed i decided to use my 1.5 inch wheel brush on all interior parts before moving to my 2 inch brush for air chambers....This was definetly an exciting part for me a bit like when they found a secret passage in the pyramids.......After 15 minutes i found no pennies but a lego hand and continued with the detail......I felt very sad...

I decided to do a test panel before fully machine polishing and decided on a megs polish pad with 3m finishing polish as last time i did dyson some hologramming was evident and wasnt sure about the new korean plastic used.....

I polished away for about 5 minutes giving 3 passes .....

I then buffed off the polish before realising that i wasnt really making much headway and my partner was complaining about the noise.....

I decide to ignore the burning smell and put it down to next doors toaster and then pulled out the menz 3.02 and a cutting pad......

Yea baby we are getting somewhere....The smell of when i used to set alight my plastic soldiers in vietnam burning valley was filling the air and i was getting excited.......The cutting pad was doing the job and the scratches were going.....

I felt a touch sick and dizzie now but struggled on as the customer and neighbours wanted to get to bed.....

The next stage was using swissvax cleaner fluid.....

I applied it to a pad.....

and gave the animal a good polishing and cleaning.....

I buffed off the fluid and then went through my wax collection to see what i felt would suit this classic....

I decided on swissvax mystery because i felt it would give the paintwork a nice glossy finish.....

I then warmed some wax in my hand.....

before hand applying and massageing into the dyson in fluid straight strokes.....

Any swirls that hadnt come out were being filled with the wax to give it a nice scratch free glow next time i hoover the drive....

The wax was left to dry for 10 minutes.....

During this time i decided to bud out all the filters and housings as this is where the main dust contamination can come from which will eventually scratch the paint work should the dog lick it again.....

I used 1 bud per hole.....

The areas cleaned were then detailed with a fine brush to make sure no dust was hidden in any crevices which may give me sleepness nights.....

All rubber seals were treated using sonus trim and applied using a cotton detailing bud especially imported from a super drug store my friend knows...

The wax was then removed using a sonus buffing towel and wiped over using a swissvax polish cloth......The results were superb.....


Check out the flake....

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Awesome. I must get round to Pc'ing my hoover, the swirls are awful!
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..........One of the best details I've seen!!!!! Amazing turn around....
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marc you are a fantastic detailer and am a big admirer of your work with the wax but this is bordering on insanityt and now i feel you should be locked up until your head is sorted mate big lol.
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You win, nutter loose in kent

I'll not show the wife as we have the same one!!!!!!
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I am speechless - literally!!!!!
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You crazy bugger!

I pi$$ed myself reading that!

Were you bored?
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your mad lol the ocd gettin to ya???
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That made me chuckle...but seriously...get an additional hobby to detailing!
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well i knew you were a bit weird but you have shocked me now

So would you recomend mystery on the dyson plastic work then?
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