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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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Old 08-10-2018, 08:00 PM   #41
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Is it possible the mysterious rubber on ashtrays was added to stop rattles or squeaks?
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c16rkc (09-10-2018)
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Could be?

The ashtray covers sort of 'hover' in the air; they do not make contact with the surround. So they should not squeak. But they might squeak at the hinge in some way I guess.

I guess the only way to see would be to drive the car with the foam removed. If they do squeak it will drive me mad!
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Snowglobe (26-10-2018)
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No wonder Halfords made a profit last year, they must have sold stacks of rattle cans to paint the rear and there is less hair on a 70's pornstar too

Nice project although it looks like your going to have to spend a few pennies on the rear, i'm guessing with the bodyside mouldings it will be easy to spray the lower half of the car, then both rear quarters and the rear bumper ?

Nice project though, i keep looking at the older Jags for something to smoke about in, the Daimlers are quite rare though.
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c16rkc (09-10-2018)
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Oh this thread is heaven!!!

What a beast of a car - brand new it must have been incredible. I can't wait to see what you do with the bodywork - anything has to be better than the rattle can job. I can't imagine the mind of the person who sat with that beautiful wounded Daimler in front of them and thought they could make it better with a rattle can.

The interior is gorgeous, I can only imagine how soft that leather is. It's held up pretty well considering.

Subscribed in an instant. Whenever you can find the time to work on the car and then write about it for us whilst juggling a young family. I will be right here ready to read it!
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c16rkc (09-10-2018)
Old 22-10-2018, 01:21 PM   #45
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Well a bit of a rubbish update... I'm struggling to find any time.....

On the Friday just gone, Lindsey said "I'm at mothers, pop in for a cuppa if you like". So instead I popped home, swapped the X358 for the Daimler, and had a fun drive over to Lindsey's mothers house.

While there, Lindsey's younger brother had a look at the Daimler. He used to do car body repairs, and has sprayed a few cars, including his last. He was in a nasty car accident in his early 20's and is partially disabled. He has slight brain damage; although it mainly affects his short term memory. But he loves cars and still works on them all the time; you can't keep a car enthusiast from their passion!! Anyway I had intended to take the Daimler to a wall known bodyshop, but now Lindsey's brother is determined he wants to repair it for me.... it will probably take him longer, but I'm in no hurry. In some ways it will be quite nice to know he'll enjoy the restoration I suppose. I'll still pay him for it, as its only fair, and he has a lovely big workshop for it to live in while he does the work.

We had a nice evening at Lindsey's mums, and I get roped into fitting their new shower the next day.... then we leave after having a family takeaway.

Lindsey gets home first and parks up, then as I am reversing in, I see her walking down the side of the Daimler - I wonder what is wrong? I power down the window and ask, and the response I get is "let me have a go!"...

I get out, and Lindsey gets in. She disappears down the road in the Daimler, and I get to hear that glorious V8 from outside the car. I go inside the house, with little baby Aston and wait.... and wait.... and wait..... and wait....

I really was starting to worry after a while as she'd been gone so long.... or at least it felt like it!! She came home with a giant grin on her face. "That is seriously fast!" she says. I think its best I do not know what she did with the poor Daimler on Friday evening, but it appears unscathed...

So bang goes my Saturday, now I'm fitting a shower for her mum. I assumed I'd get little time on the Daimler. So then I just hoped a might get a bit of time on Sunday... but would you believe it, a trip to the doctor reveals 13 week old Aston has two teeth coming through, and has chicken pox. So we spent most of Saturday and Sunday keeping him calm, as he seems in a lot of pain.

I did get a few minutes to myself on Sunday though - when Aston was asleep! I only had a 20 minutes, so my attention turned to the interior, which will need a leather repair kit and a plan for new lambswool mats. Imagine my pleasure at reading the engine plate and finding out the trim colour is "NED" - that's magnolia, the same as my X358!!!... as luck would have it I already have a scuffmaster kit for that.

So as I got no serious time on the car; no detailing those wheels yet, no deep cleaning the engine bay... sob.... I took to simpler things; I took a look at the colour of the carpet for some mats. The trim code is for Sable (code AEK), as confirmed on the seatbelt tag:

So these were the mats for my old Daimler V8 years ago... this is EXACTLY what I need again:

I am assuming it will take forever to source genuine Daimler lambswool mats, but I shall keep my eye out. In the mean time, I plan on making my own temporary ones.....

A few years back, I purchased genuine sheepskins for my last Mercedes S class, which worked pretty well. But they are not cheap at around £40 per sheepskin, it would take 4 sheepskins to do all four mats in the Daimler. The grey ones in my Merc looked OK, although I did think the pile of a bare sheepskin was a bit deep (I think it was over 1 inch deep).

So... moving forwards. I have no intention to pay out around £160 on four sheepskins, when what I really want are genuine Daimler mats. So I need something cheaper to cut up. I found these on Ebay:

They are fake sheepskin rugs. I cannot find a good colour match for my sable carpet anywhere, so I plan on trying the brown out. Might work as a nice alternative while I source some genuine mats.

Yes I know this update is lame.... but I simply did not get any time on the car.... again....
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Originally Posted by James_G View Post
I don't think that's remotely fair and if nothing else, it may make people think twice about posting because in your eyes it doesn't constitute a "proper project". That's a bad thing - I want people to post more, not less.

If you, or anybody else doesn't like what people are sharing you don't have to read it. But just because something doesn't fit your criteria of what constitutes a project doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of us who find it a valuable contribution. It takes a lot of effort to put this stuff up on here and I am grateful for everybody who does it.
Your very quick with your sour reply james, I am entitled to my opinion as are others on the forum, there are indeed many good projects at the moment the 2 corsas and those bringing new life to the vehicles, however I do not think the projects section is for putting a sticker on a new golf or such like brings anything to the table
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Not sure how I've missed this thread but well done!

My little one has just turned one, so I know exactly what comes along with new parenthood Congratulations!

That last update wasn't rubbish at all, nice to hear about your other half nicking the Daimler and hearing about Astons teeth coming through.
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I've been struggling to get time on the Daimler, I took it to a body shop two weeks ago to get a quote for the bodywork it needs... but no quote back yet. In any case Lindsey's brother is still very enthusiastic about doing the work, so we'll see.

Saturday morning, little Aston woke at 5am wanting food... so I fed him and he was full of life, so I had to play peekaboo and pull faces to entertain him. Then at around 8am he nodded off. So I hatched a plan, Lindsey was asleep, so I wafted off in the Daimler to get some more body shop quotes.

First stop was East Bilney coachworks in Kings Lynn. I used these guys when I crashed my XJ40, they were called Bennets back then and they did a fantastic job. I also used them for the bodywork on my last Daimler, which I imported from Belgium and had scrapes and dents all over. So I read that they were now in a new place the other day, after previously assuming they had gone bust. I decided to give them a try now.

I spoke to an older gentleman in reception, who recognised it as a Daimler Super straight away. He was great fun to talk to and it was a little disappointing when the estimator guy said they would not touch the car as it had rust on the wheel arch. They'd be replacing the whole panel, but he said it could still come through?!... It as therefore not worth showing him that it needed 2 new front wings too!

So I moved on to Gladwins in Kings Lynn. Unfortunately they will not quote on a Saturday. It has to be at 11am or 1pm on a weekday, and you have to pay £20 for the estimate! Sod that...

Last stop was a small independent classic car restorer near Downham Market on the A10. But even though the web said they were open 8am to 12pm on a Saturday, no-one was in, or answering the phone...

So a wasted morning...

On Sunday (today) I decided to make a start on something I could do myself - the leather.

The armrest in these Daimlers is genuine leather, so it can be coloured nicely. I have a scuffmaster kit from gliptone and have found these pretty good to have it a go. This is the armrest beforehand:

I should mention the armrest was scrubbed and cleaned to within an inch of its life a few weeks ago. I gave it a quick wipe over before starting. Bit by bit, I layered coats of Ivory dye... it was a great colour match.

Then our little chimp woke and wanted dinner...

I had to move all my stuff out of the way, had a few mouthful of "my first bolognaise" spat in my face, followed by some sort of Banana flavoured too. Then chimpy Aston was full and content. Playtime for an hour...

This was followed by a huge bottle of milk, then he went back to sleep - and work on the armrest resumed. The dye is still drying, but I am pleased with the results. It's nice to see as the drivers seat needs work, and a little on the passenger one too.

Looks much better, and Aston has shown enjoyed his dinner too!

That's all folks! Thanks for reading.

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Incredible job on the armest, bloke. I tried a DIY job on my leather steering wheel, did a terrible job of it hahaha. The car is beautiful and glad to see it is in solid hands. Keep it up.
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c16rkc (29-11-2018)
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Oh yes..... This is going to be good.... All of us will learn something from threads like this... Subbed...
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