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Zaino Surface Protection

Here at Zaino, we are very well aware that many of our customers tend to be, to put it lightly, extreme, when it comes to car care. While this is not a requirement for usage of Zaino products, our product performance typically feeds the desire for extremity. The extent to which you use Zaino, follow our instructions, or make use of any tips, is always up to you!

Itís important to know a little more about the Zaino philosophy when it comes to all our products, but very specifically our Zaino protectants and sealants. You will achieve the highest level of personal satisfaction by understanding just a few simple points.

The most important, the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT piece of information is that A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. Our business philosophy is not to dilute or cheapen the product, making you believe that you are buying more product than what you actually are. Nearly every Zaino product is extremely concentrated and proper use of our products requires sparing product usage. This results in much greater bang for your buck as an added bonus. A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY.

Just like surface preparation, an analysis of your goals and your direct experience with our products will create recipes or menus for product selection and usage. Each individual has unique tastes and requirements for surface care satisfaction. For some tastes, a dash of salt is sufficient and preferred. For others, salt, sugar, and pepper. For some, LOTS of salt. The point is merely that you may use the product as your goals require.

A unique ability for Zaino sealants is that layering and repetitive applications yields incredible results. While the majority of our customers apply only one or two layers, there are some enthusiastic customers that apply dozens and dozens of layers. To be fair, our product performance fuels a very passionate customer experience, and quite a few customers simply canít get enough. Using a single or every product in our system, or layering one or one hundred applications is a CHOICE, not a requirement. Itís up to YOU. It simply does not take hours of work and lots of steps to see huge benefits from Zaino products.

Z-2 PRO Clear Coat Finish Protectant

Clearly, Z-2 PRO is our flagship product. The extraordinary gloss, shine, depth, clarity, and reflectivity make Z-2 PRO the highest rated and most respected product in the industry. Z-2 PRO is so easy and applies so thin that an 8 ounce bottle can yield up to 24 applications of product! Durability, looks, ease of use, and cost per application make Z-2 PRO the pure winner.

8 fl oz. 12-16 applications

Z-3 Single Stage Finish Protectant

Z-3 for non-clear coated regular paint offers the wettest looking and deepest finish you can imagine, making it look like you have a clear coat! With the same synthetic technology as Z-2, Z-3 is formulated to meet the needs of standard paints, which tend to oxidize, shrink and lose its resiliency faster. It also includes a custom blend of emulsifiers that gently condition and maintain the paint, and does so without a lot of rubbing.

8 fl oz. 12-16 applications

Z-5 PRO Swirl & Fine Scratch Protectant

Darker colored vehicles are prone by the easily visible surface marring or fine scratches from regular maintenance. Z-5 PRO and its micro filling technology gradually reduce the appearance of these surface imperfections without using any abrasives. Without using cheap oils or cheap fillers that merely last until your next car wash, Z-5 PRO protects and lasts like no other product.

8 fl oz. 12-16 applications

Z-CS Clear Seal

Z-CS is an advanced total synthetic polymer protectant that is simply wiped on, and youíre done. Z-CS does not require buffing or residue removal. Z-CS is wiped on and simply allowed to disappear into the paint, leaving behind a super gloss. You can use Z-CS on paint, glass, wheels, plastic, or trim to lock in the protection, durability, slickness, and gloss that Zaino is most popular for.

6 fl oz. 24-48 applications

ZFX Flash Cure Accelerator Additive

Quite simply, there isnít anything like ZFX in the industry. With any surface wax or sealant, there are proper dry time and cure times. The product simply isnít ready for successive applications of product until the wax or sealant is dry and cured. ZFX accelerates both. This is critical for those that choose to rapidly layer applications of Z-2 PRO, Z-3, or Z-5 PRO. ZFX usage will increase the hardness and durability of the Zaino system as a whole.

2 ml. enough for up to 32 oz.
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