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Waxes, Sealants & Paint Protection Sponsored by DODO JUICE Light Fantastic , Banana Armour, Orange Crush, Rainforest Rub, Purple Haze -

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Old 17-12-2017, 09:25 AM   #11
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After 7 years of trying all sorts on my black Honda paint, without doubt my two favourites are Glare Micro followed by Glare Pro or, if you are happy spending the money, Blackfire’s Wet Ice over Fire kit (GEP, AFPP and midnight sun wax). They aren’t all in one options, but you won’t regret either.

Then have some Chemical Guys V7 with a bit of Sonax BSD mixed in for a top up quick detailer.

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Have tried a few waxs and things on a silver car.

Waxs tend to give it depth, but a slightly yellow ish tint. Sealants give it a shallower, but crisper look.

Been using FK1000p since summer and it gives the silver paint a strange, but attractive, "new paint" look. It's not overly shiny, more like deeper clearcoat or like its just been resprayed (?) and i think it really makes the paint look good.

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Old 17-12-2017, 03:24 PM   #13
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MK anvil works well on silver

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Old 18-12-2017, 07:23 PM   #14
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned fusso

I use the light version for silver and black cars. Brilliant protection for this winter.

I used Bilt hamber cleanser polish before hand and works fantastically well.

There is Kiwami, king of gloss which both works well on light or dark paints.

Collinite 476 works well on both colours too.

A all in one for black??? I would suggest going with Autogylm super Resin polish or Bilt hamber cleanser polish before either applications for silver or black. Then applied your chosen LSP.

Bilt Hamber Double speed wax Knocks the socks off most waxes and leave a great finish. My only issue with the stuff is like a dry application and grabby when buffing off.

I tend to favour Sealants now these days as family life means less waxing.

You could try tac systems moonlight? That's on another level for Sealants.
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Old 19-12-2017, 09:23 PM   #15
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Fusso for winter....glasur,r222 or alien 51 for summer

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Old 02-01-2018, 09:21 AM   #16
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My brother has a 2 yr old grey and black Mini so after reading Matt Stangalang's recommendation for Blackfire products I bought him the Wet Diamond sealant combo. Full decon wash done over Christmas and the 2-stage sealants applied. Result was one extremely happy brother. The finish, especially on the black parts, was spectacular. Lovely mirror and wet look.
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Old 08-01-2018, 08:49 AM   #17
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Can't go wrong with Collinite 845.
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Old 19-06-2018, 12:59 PM   #18
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A black car is most prestigious but also one of the hardest to maintain. Any blemish, scratches or swirl mark is immediately conspicuous and they therefore require special care.
You can’t avoid your motty getting blemishes because they come from all kinds of elements. Be it the scorching sun with its UV, the rain and acid rain, dust, road tar, tree sap, and what have you, the defaced car finish really degrades your class and style.
You need to wax regularly, but you need to follow the right procedure for desirable results.
First give the car a thorough wash to remove dirt, grime, old wax and grease. My best wash for this is the Meguiar's G7164 Gold Class. Some dirt such as road tar, bugs and tree sap may have dried and baked into the auto finish. The car wash soap is not very effective at getting them off and you may want to use a bug and tar remover. This is an anti adhesive that softens the oil based spots for easy wiping.

Next, polish your car using an appropriate polish/conditioner to hide the swirl marks and spots. For light touches, Mothers 08100 California Gold is low cost and regular application increase paint’s depth and shine. If it is a deep mess, intensive conditioning is best done by PO83 Intensive Polish.
Apply a paint sealant and give it time cure, preferably one day.
This is now the best time to wax and the best wax for black cars with scratches should be liquid or wax, and shouldn’t dry fast to prevent spotting. It should also provide UV protection and safe to other vehicle surfaces such plastic trim or rubber besides the paint.

Set to wax your car in a shade to prevent evaporation of the waxing solution. Apply at least two layers of wax, giving each layer time to dry and cure.

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