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Closed Thread
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OCD Sufferer (Obsessive Car Detailer)
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SL Restoration - VW Touareg V10 TDI Correction Detail plus extras

Welcome to another installment (this one's a biggie),

This 2007, 85,000 mile Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI was booked in for a Correction Detail with a few additions with the aim being to fully transform its neglected appearance both inside & out.

On arrival, it was clear just how little the car had been cared for and the size of the task at hand

Wheels showing plenty of kerbside action

Interior not a great deal better

As the wheels were to be refurbished we began by giving the tyres, arches & lower sections a pre-soak with AF Citrus Power prior to rinsing

Arches deep cleaned with Meguiar's Super Degreaser diluted 1:4 and a long handled Vikan brush

Tyres given a deep clean with AF Citrus Power (a dish brush was used for this as the usual care was not required with the wheels)

Foamed with AF Avalanche at 60c with the aim to soften all the bonded dirt (we've found that adding a drop of AF Lather increases the foaming consistency & with it the dwell time)

The usual areas tackled with a detailing brush

Engine bay was also to be detailed so the shuts, slam panel & bonnet were tackled with AF Citrus Power (Engine itself was covered to prevent water ingress as it was to be steam cleaned)

Plastic sheeting doing its job

Rinsed at 60c then safely washed via the 2BM with AF Lather and a Meguiar's Lambswool Wash Mitt

After rinsing via the pressure washer at 30c it was time for the first stage of decontamination with AF Oblitarate and Iron Out

Oblitarate at work on the wheel arch liners

And again on the trims

Time for a final soak with Avalanche, this time at 30c

Thoroughly rinsed with the pressure washer, followed by an open hose. It was into the unit for decontamination with AF Glide and 3M clay

General contamination as you'd expect

Rear end even worse

Decontamination fully complete it was back outside for a final soak and rinse again with AF Avalanche at 30c

Back into the unit and dried with i4D Uber Yellow Premium Drying Towels and the Metro Blaster. First job up was to steam clean the engine bay with the Nilfisk 51H and a detailing brush. (This was then dressed with CarPro PERL diluted 1:4)

After the standard Spies Hecker 7010 wipedown, paintwork was inspected and readings were taken confirming that all was in original condition.

In addition to the treatment both rear doors & the rear bumper were repaired and painted. Due to the location of the repairs on the rear doors both rear wings were also painted. There's a few pics of this but i'll save some of our paintwork for another thread, but the eagle eyed amongst you will notice just how much of the car is stripped out for the paintwork to be done.

Dust nibs on the repainted panels were tackled with the Rupes LD30 then sanded with the MIRKA ROS650CV and 3000 3M Trizact disks (this was all that was needed as the gun finish matched that of the original VW paintwork)

Wetsanded panel 50/50

Repainted panels seen to it was time for the correction work. After trialling a few polish/pad combinations & with the paintwork fitting the description of 'granite' along with being extremely weathered it was time to give a full test to a new hybrid pad system on the Festool RAP 150 with Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400

A few random correction shots

Tailgate before

And after

Front wings were heavily weathered & looked to have seen some action from a brush at some stage . . .

And after (you can see the reminants of a very deep scratch on the edge of the arch which could not be removed any further)

This combination was used throughout the cutting stage as i worked my way round the car, carrying out multiple wipedowns & checking the finish with a variety of light sources

The latest addition to my variety of light sources the Festool SYSLITE Portable LED

A few shots showing the capabilities of the Festool SYSLITE as a defect spotter

Door before

Door after cutting stage (there is a scratch which was too deep to fully remove still slighly visible under the halide reflection when you look closely)

50/50 of the wing under the halide really highlighting the state of the paintwork

The RAP 150 with a 3" extension bar was used on the side skirts (these received a 3 stage correction process)

Cutting stage complete it was time for another wipedown this time with CarPro Eraser

The polishing stage was carried out with Menzerna PF2500 (3.02) on a Lake Country Orange Hydrotech with the RAP

This started to sharpen things up a little more as can be seen in theses 2 shots (this time under 150 watt halide lighting)

Next up the door handle resesses were tidied up with CarPro Fixer on a MF cloth

After further wipedown with both IPA and CarPro Eraser it was time for the 1st refining stage with Menzerna SF4000 (106FA ) on a Lake Country Crimson Hydrotech again with the RAP. (I also changed the backing plate at this stage to a 3M Finesse-it version which is softer than the standard Perfect-it III one that i use)

Starting to really come alive

Time for the 2nd refining stage with Menzerna SF4500 (85RE) on a Lake Country Last Step pad with the Fetool Rotex 150 (this really is the ultimate refining tool IMO)

A few shots of the refined paintwork really showing the flake

Piano black trims and tail lights dealt with via the Rupes LHR 75 and Flexipads Cutting MF then refined with Menzerna SF4000 (106FA) on a white Rupes finishing pad



All plastics thoroughly cleansed and degreased with Spies Hecker 7010 before being treated with CarPro DLUX

Refurbished wheels given an Eraser wipedown then protected with CarPro DLUX (the inner barrels were protected prior to refitting)

After another wipedown with both IPA and Eraser (a pure surface is essential when using these type of products) it was protection time with CarPro CQuartz Finest

This was removed with two MF's to ensure no residue remained and checked with the Brinkmann (Panels were double coated simultaneously)

All glass deep cleansed with CarPro CeriGlass before being treated with FlyBy30

Tyres treated with AS Hystyle via a paintbrush then heated into the tyre with a heat gun before being wiped down with an old MF cloth

Tailpipes brought back to life with Britemax Easy Cut Metal Polish and #0000 wire wool

Interior hoovered, steam cleaned and scrubbed

Leather deep cleaned with Dr Leather leather cleaner and a leather brush, this removed a fair amount of ingrained dirt as the picture shows

Interior trims and door cards cleaned with AF Total then paino blacks waxed with Zymol Detail wax

Screens cleaned with AF Crystal

All the window tops & insides of the glass were cleaned with AF Tough Prep (this is also an excellent glass polish)

Leather repair carried out to the work drivers seat bolster

Once the interior work was completed the carpets & leather were protected with CarPro Cquartz Fabric & Leather Protector

All door & window rubbers & seals deep cleaned then treated with Swissvax Seal Feed

And after a CarPro Reload wipedown here's the finished article, shown in the usual variety of shots from both in and outside the unit

With the snow easing i managed to catch this shot of Finest in action

Must say a big thank you to Andy @ CarPro for the excellent customer service & getting the Finest & Flyby30 to me in double quick time.

And ss always, thanks once again to Mat @ i4detailing for keeping my shelves fully stocked with detailing goodness

Thanks for reading guys & well done for making it to the end. Hopefully it was an enjoyable read

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Summit Detailing
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Fan-t-tastic chap..think that sums it up well
Exquisite Car Detailing in the South West
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Passion. Cars. Expertise.
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PC Perfectionist
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Stunning ! Amazing work
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Distinguished Detailer
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Absolutely awesome!!
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What a state the car was in previously... good turn around.
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Cracking write up and turnaround Nick! Nice photos as well!

(just this minute finished the Vantage lol)
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Mr Face
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the eagle eyed amongst us will notice a Quality job

Hi Nick that is one serious detail, the finished result is awesome, I doubt the beast ever looked that good new ( 3rd finish picture ) better than new, one VERY happy owner I would guess.

The state of that 3M clay

Have you got a conclusion re the new hybrid pad system? if that paint is the same as the recent Z4 I sweat blood on and the pad cut as well start to finish it looks like a winner

Nice one fella, stella, nothing less. Mike S

p.s. Thanks for taking the time to give us a quality thread I still hate you, hot water foaming and rinse indeed ( one day perhaps) washed the barge this afternoon and my feet are still B frozen

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Pass The Sandpaper. . .
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another great write up Mr White.

Worth the wait, and nice to see a car taken apart properly for paint
Not quite as damaged as that RB320 that was on the jig for months

A Born Festooligan
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What a filthy beast! I love details which start with a Really dirty car.
Nice work
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OCD Sufferer (Obsessive Car Detailer)
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awesome work!
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Closed Thread

i4detailing, slrestoration

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