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Interior & Glass Discuss All your Interior Issue - Dash - Seats and All the Car Glass Areas - Interior Dressing, Leather etc

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Old 28-11-2005, 11:28 AM   #11
L200 Steve
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Here you go -
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Neat website

'We do Black'

Hell yeah you do! That first piccy on the flash player is the best black reflection shot I've ever sen! It looks white! Mucho respecto!
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Old 29-11-2005, 12:26 PM   #13
Sponge Jockey
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Originally Posted by JJ_
If you find the post you will see how bad the inside of the door card actually is.
We have a vintage Aston Martin to do an odour kill on, it turns out that the petrol tank has gotta come out... that doesn't mean you have to take the petrol tank out on every car. It's the same as anything in valeting, you have to start off with least harsh option and work your way up until the problem is solved. this is especially true when you run a professional operation as the customer has to pay for any work you have to do.

The way we do it is to assess the car and charge the customer what we think it will cost to remove the source of the smell and treat the car. The customer is then sent home and we phone them a week later to see how they are getting on. If they can still smell anything we have them bring the car back in - at which point we do odour treatment for free (as they have already paid for it) but they pay an hourly rate for anything extra that needs to be dismantled. Often we will have already dismantled some bits the first time around but we wouldn't have removed the door panels for smoke odour - but you do what you gotta do.
We find this works very well for us... we have about a 99% sucess rate, the only two cars where we have failed to remove the smell were a car where dog feces and urine had rusted through seat springs and floor panels, and the other was where rotten fish had soaked into interior woodwork - I think with our latest methods, we could probably solve the later, although replacing the woodwork probably would have been the best option.

I forgot to mention earlier, that changing the pollen filter in the air-con can often do the trick if you are having problems.

Originally Posted by JJ_
I would probably say he is the best detailer on autopia and that means probably the best worldwide.
Autopia is a competitive arena.
There are few reasons for a professional to go to Autopia and very many reasons to stay away.
The very fact that you (or anybody else) would conclude that somebody on there is the best in the world is enough to make most pro's run a mile! We would be happy to compete in the market place, but a place like Autopia becomes a popularity contest based on a very specific kind of service.

For example, in your signature, you say "We Detail....not Valet", your web site says "We exclusively use Meguiars products.", and you advertize that you were featured in "Fast and Modified" in a prominent position. It is pretty obvious which market you are aiming for... but it is a limited market with not a lot of money in it. At least when you think that there are 28 million cars on British roads it is a limited market. Many professionals will be keeping an eye on the ecconomy , because if it takes a fall, that kind of work will dry up... in fact it's difficult enough making it through the winter when you aim at the prestige market. Many detailers suppliment this kind of work with lots of trade work (which is hardly the pinnical of the art) but if the ecconomy goes flat, these guys will turn the screws and chop and change trying to get the best prices.
On the other hand, many of us are aiming at fleet work... not just a wash and wax once a week, but driver-to-driver exchange, lease return, etc. And insurance work restoring cars that have been in flood, fire or accident. These take a whole different skill set and in many ways are more skilled than being able to put a nice shine on a porsche. The cars we do often have to pass an inspection from a lease company or insurance company, or independant inspector, and these guys crawl all over the car shining their torches under seats and into storage compartments. On the bright side, we can charge anything up to £3000 to do a car... because we are very good at what we do.
However, there is slim chance this kind of thing will be appreciated on Autopia, and it's not really something you can even recommend attempting to an enthusiast.
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Old 14-12-2007, 05:34 PM   #14
Jimmy Buffit
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Hi all! New to the forum and surprised to see I've created controversy already!

While I appreciate the kind words, I don't consider myself (or our Shop) to be the 'best' at anything. We plug along every day, doing the best work we can, and surpassing the expectations of our clients as often as we can. I'm a car guy. I just love this work.

I look forward to contributing where and when I can. Good to be here.

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