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The Showroom Detailed something and want to show it off? Do it here... This is the place for you to show the world....

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Old 06-11-2014, 09:08 PM   #41
Detailing Devil Dog
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Originally Posted by MagpieRH View Post
Nailed it.

As for SRP, from what I've read on here (from AG themselves and others), it has very, very mild cut and has fillers to hide the swirls.
If that is true, it sounds like a typical OTC product. I keep those out of my arsenal.

Originally Posted by gally View Post
Well be careful with more polishing. Only so much clearcoat a car has.
With the polisher that he is using, it will be a LONG time before he has to worry about anything like that. that polisher is just not powerful enough. Although it makes no sense to keep compounding your paint to death every few months because you don't know how to properly wash and maintain your paint, something like M205 is NOT going to remotely wipe off any significant clear coat, even after a ton of uses. The deal is, you want to properly maintain your paint so that you don't have to constantly polish it every time you look up. If that's the case, you're doing something terribly wrong.

A compound like M105 should be a "ONCE in the life of your paint" experience. Once you have removed ALL the damage from your paint, you should NEVER have to use M105 again. If you do, you or someone is doing something very wrong when they are touching your paint.

Originally Posted by DlllonJ View Post
I wonder how a pannel would turn out with the method I used, 5 passes of #105 on an orange HL pad followed by 3 passes of AG Super Resin Polish on a white HL pad as oposed to 3 passes of #205.
Like crap and here's why.

Compounds and polishes are engineered to do what they do within the family of products that they originate. In other words, M105 was engineered to do X amount of work and to leave behind X amount of damage. M205 was engineered to pickup where M105 left off and bring the paint to a perfect finish. This is how ALL professional lines work. If you go back to when they were first released, they were introduced to the market TOGETHER. That is NOT a coincidence, that was by DESIGN. They were engineered to be used together to achieve the best looking shine that you can get from those two products.

Since you are NOT a chemical engineer, you have no clue where M105 stops and where another polish from a foreign family starts. That foreign product may be designed to start much later than where M205 starts and thus, will cause you to have to do more work to clean up what M105 leaves behind. OR, it may start much sooner than M205 and thus, leave your paint looking dull because it was too aggressive of a polish. Rule of thumb:

Never mix polishes and compounds from different families, unless you are a serious professional at this.

As a novice, the only thing you are doing is making things harder on yourself by trying to get way more complicated than you should. The engineers have figured this stuff out for you. They have tested it, worked it from nose bleed to canker sores and after all that, put it in a bottle for you to use without over-thinking it. Let their knowledge work for you! Don't get cute and try to come up with exotic potions, use products from the same family and watch your shine develop.

That's nothing but good ol' common sense.
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Originally Posted by Junkman2008 View Post
Never mix polishes and compounds from different families, unless you are a serious professional at this.
Ok sure i'll take that on board!
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Old 05-03-2016, 11:22 AM   #43
Sponge Jockey
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Thanks for the right up, I watched the Junkman Video's yesterday so it was interesting seeing someone have their first go and get advice from JM as they went along. I'll be taking on my first practive run on our Polo before I try on our Altea.

Looks like you got some nice results!
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Old 05-03-2016, 11:32 AM   #44
Orbital Oracle
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well done to you - looks a really nice job car looks well shiny
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das6, detail, first machine polish, fr+, leon

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