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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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Originally Posted by boost monster View Post
Great read. Thanks for sharing your trials and tribulations.
Thankyou! If anything I hope it just demonstrates the potential pitfalls that come with these sorts of purchases!

Originally Posted by wrxmania View Post
Good work

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Originally Posted by noelmcg View Post
Thats a good read and fair play on the great job you have done
Thankyou very much!

Originally Posted by carrera2s View Post
Great write up and credit for turning it round
Many thanks. I think its come a long way but I still have some jobs to do

Originally Posted by Ant21 View Post
Great work on this one
Many thanks!

Originally Posted by alfajim View Post
Awesome job. Whilst I'm not a German car lover, your dedication to doing the job right, made this an enjoyable read.
Judging by your name I think you might be into Alfa's which is exactly where my heart lies too! This was my first German car and maybe whilst not the most dynamic of cars, its certainly got some character.

Originally Posted by gargreen7 View Post
Great read. I wish i had a 2 poster in my garage, maybe I’d actually get stuff done then.
Yeah I'm very lucky to have a mate who is as obsessive about cars as I am. The 2 poster makes a hell of a difference to working on a damp gravel driveway which is what we used to do before.

Originally Posted by JonnyW View Post
Great read!

Originally Posted by sbrocks View Post
What an absolute belter of a thread!......Beautifully written ( I like the wordy descriptive threads too!) and with complimentary absolute treat, thankyou !
Much appreciated, thanks so much I'll be sure to keep this thread updated.

Originally Posted by bluechimp View Post
Just had a cuppa and read the whole thing, great update. I do love a writeup like that.

I look forward to seeing the rest of the mods, I was always intrigued by the S3 but always made the assumption they would be like yours originally. Ragged for cheap power and not maintained as such.

This one looks a spot on example now! Have a great christmas mate.
Thankyou very much Yeah its just one of those cars, like a Mk2 Focus ST or EP3 CTR - the good ones are still expensive but the not so looked after ones can be had for cheap. I think salvage is definitely the way to go as whilst I was a bit disappointed that I had to replace pretty much everything, it wasn't entirely unexpected. There is no guarantee that going and buying a used one somewhere, that it isn't going to need a whole heap of wedge sunk into it.

Originally Posted by Kelsey View Post
Hi, great write up and one I’ll follow with a lot of interest! I have an A3 TFSi Quattro (also in grey but sportback) so same block but not quite the same level of poke as yours.

When you say TDi tuning box, is this from a company called TDi, as the S3 is petrol? I didn’t think that would work? With modifications applied Would you better off having the ECU Remapped? Cost wise it’s not hugely different and benefits are a more tailored setup for the vehicle and mods already applied?
Yeah sorry for the confusion. The company itself is called TDi tuning but they do tunes for petrol cars too. This obviously is a 2 litre turbo petrol

The tuning box was like £260 in the black friday sale. I haven't done the Stage 2+ mods yet so the plan is to save up and do those, remove the tuning box and get a proper ECU flash done on a dyno at the same time. Exhaust, intercooler, uprated HPFP and uprated clutch is likely going to set me back around 3 grand so I wanted something cheap to unlock the potential of the car immediately, while I'm saving for the big jump. The best thing with the TDi boxes is that they can be sent back to be reprogrammed for other cars for not a lot of money so I'll likely keep it for a future purchase.

Originally Posted by uberbmw View Post
Very nice mate, well done on the jobs!

I fitted one of the android 9 units 8core 4gb/64gb in my M6, good bit of kit!
Thankyou very much. Yeah I'm really impressed with the xtrons unit actually, I'm glad I forked out the additional money for the octocore one as I've seen some of the lower spec ones can be a bit hit or miss.

Thankyou to everyone who has engaged on this thread so far, its absolutely blown my mind that a ropey old Audi with some money chucked at it has provided so much positive response

A few little quick updates for you:

The LION battery that came with the car finally gave up the ghost, so I have purchased a new high quality Exide battery and a brand new OEM battery clamp as the previous one had seen better days and the bolt didn't fit properly.

I also fitted the Passat washer jets that I got a while back. These are a straight swap for the old ones and have a fan sprayer rather than a couple of jets. The coverage is much better. I'm a big fan of OEM+ sort of mods and little things like this make a big difference for me.

Old ones:

New ones fitted:

I've also booked in the rear windows and hatch to be tinted by GlobalTint in a few weeks time. I've gone for Onyx which is the darkest, limo style tint. I obviously won't be touching the fronts. I think that should make a big difference to the overall appearance of the car.

I'm looking for a few opinions. As you may have noticed, the back of the car is debadged and I'm in two minds whether to source and fit an S3 badge. I sort of like the clean lines and relative 'stealth' look but wondered what others thought?

Cheers, Ant
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Cookeh (26-12-2019)
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On this car, I'd fit the S3 badge. It's not often I favour badged cars, but this is an exception.
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Good write up, don’t forget to keep us all updated
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Originally Posted by spantney View Post

ut getting inspiration from youtubers like Samcrac and Tavarish
not sure samcrac and tavarish could be described as "inspirational" they both appear to have a collection of half arsed unfinished projects

Have you seen the Goonzsquad channel? those two are in another league definitely what i would consider inspirational

Nice work on the project so far ... these Audi's do scrub up well

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Ennoch (27-12-2019)
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Originally Posted by enc View Post
not sure samcrac and tavarish could be described as "inspirational" they both appear to have a collection of half arsed unfinished projects
Very much my view on people like that too; all about impression and image and very little substance. The same goes for most of these so called 'inspirational social media stars'. The majority are egotistical, attention seeking and not particularly good at doing anything. The people who actually are good at doing stuff are invariably the ones who go about it quietly and let their work do the talking without courting attention.
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