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Turning a bare garage into a proper garage

Hi All

Newly signed up but been here for a while lurking and following other peoples projects. Thought I'd document my own.

Got new our new house 6 months ago, big must was a decent sized garage that I can make my own. Too many years of working on my car on the side of the road mostly in the rain.

It measures 5.5m x 5.2m so plently for parking and a decent size bench and storage.

I had a vision of how I wanted certain things like flooring and lighting but keeping to a budget is important.

The project is ongoing and hope to be mostly complete by the end of the year.

Onto the pics..

First task really before anything was to decide on the direction of the flooring. I've always wanted a workshop type epoxy floor in a light blue.

The garage floor is roughly 13 years old but the orginal buyer of the property didn't really use the garage for anything, the actual concrete was in good clean condition with no cracks or oil staining.

Although this is a good prerequisite for epoxy laying, the floor had been laid like many, quickly. The tampered finish is rough with ups and downs - not good on the eye or trolley jacks!

I spoke to a couple epoxy pro's and my options were to either screed it level (but thick enough to be a good substrate) or grind it flat.

I decided to grind it using a diamond industrial grinder from a local hire place. Cost roughly £120 for a bank holiday hire including the 110v transformer.

After 4 passes the high spots were completely gone, however I was left with low spots which needed to be resolved. Laid some rapid setting concrete and 24 hours lafter did another 2 passes.

I was pretty happy with the outcome and became washing the floor to get rid of sand/dust. After turning the pressure washer off I begun to hear what sounded like popping candy, turns out the concrete is covered in 100's of pinholes. What I was hearing was air being replaced by water, crap.

I can now see why some companies will charge £1000's to lay epoxy as you never know what is under the surface on concrete. I contacted the epoxy pros to see what can be done. They suggest the only approach other than screeding the entire floor was to mix 60 grit sand into the epoxy sealer. I wasn't too keen to throw £100's and potentially be left with holes. Due to epoxy resin being quite thick, the surface tension tends to bow over holes leaving you with a inperfect finish.

I put this decision to one side while the dusty work had been complete.

Onto the lighting, I came across some cheap commerical LED pannels. They are 37W 6500K 4200LM measuring 60x60cm. They come in different widths and lengths. I ordered 6 and ensured they all worked before removing any exisiting wiring.

The power feed to the garage is from a SWA from the mainboard directly into a socket, then feeding a couple of ceiling roses. I ripped this all back to the SWA and installed a new consumer unit with a 3 MCBs for sockets, lighting and future roller door.

I used a 6 gang switch so can be indivdually switched.

I was liking the bare brick work internally at first but once I had proper lighting I figured a bit of paint will give a much cleaner look. I went for 3 coats of bright white paint and happy with how it came out.

Back onto the flooring. I needed to make a choice, risk a inperfect epoxy finish and be annoyed at it forever or look at a alternative.

I looked at ever seller/reseller or PVC interlocking tiles in the UK. Some of quotes were laughable. I needed to cover roughly 30m2 and the highest was £1300, lowest was £360. I didn't want cointop tiles as these aren't solid, perfect fine for most tasks but they can be broken.

I found some unbranded PVC tiles made from recylced material (win for the planet, win for the wallet). They were £4 each, solid (2KG each!) and rated for 3T of load.

120 arrived on a pallet and took a few hour to lay, every edge needed to be cut or trimmed by hand. Didn't get a final pic but you get the idea..

Next task will be the work bench. Going to be roughly 4m long. There is a couple of wood reclaimation yards near me so I will be paying a visit at some point.

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Welcome along Shamza looking forward to seeing the finished article.
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Welcome aboard Shamza (I can feel another attack of envy coming)
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Looking much better there.

Do you have a link for the unbranded PVC tiles used on the floor?
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looking great so far, any chance of a link to the floor tiles
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Thanks guys for the warm welcome.

Thought I might get asked about the tiles Best thing personally is they act like are hydrophobic, liquid just sits on the surface and the joins are water tight!

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Great little man cave you have there mate, gonna look superb when it's finished

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Wow! I can't believe how much the grinder was capable of removing, the dust stacked at each side of your rows are crazy high! What a nice size garage you have too, lovely!
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Hi and welcome along to DW

Cracking garage and and coming along well - that grinding was a true labour of love
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Following, I’ve just got a new home complete with garage myself, this is giving me some great ideas. Keep us updated.
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