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Machine Polishing Need help with Machine polishing

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Pads and polish.

Im looking for advice on what pads and polish to get.

i appreciate there is a million threads here, and ive had a good look but need some help.

Car is a 2011 ford fiesta in solid white. the paint is swirly from bad washing, but other than that is mainly stone chips and a few car park dings which obviously wont polish out.

I want to rejuvinate the paint a bit. i dont want to go mad, and remove all the scratches, just bring some gloss back and tidy it up a bit.

Its my first time using a machine. i have a megs G220 v2 that i bought a few years ago, but have never actually used, so im a bit wary about diving in too much.

ITs currently at the inlaws, but my understanding is that it has a 6inch backing plate.

Ive watched junkmans videos, and he clearly reccomends 105/205 and orange/white hexlogic pads.

There seems to be some advice here that suggests 105 can be a bit aggressive and hard to work for beginners.

Am i right in thinking that 205 and a white pad will still cut a reasonable amount of swirls out to brighten the paint up?

I plan to follow the light polishing up with a glaze to take out the rest and bring that gloss back. Can i apply this with the white pad, or should i get the blue hexlogic pad?

From my reading, it would appear i could do with 2 of each pad. i have a 6" backplate so i assume i can use the 7" HL pads?

will i also need the smaller 4" pads? whats a good backing plate for these?

Lastly... someone decided to loose a kingspan thermal board off a van on the duals by me and i had no option but to hit it with the bumper on my own car.

theres no real depth to the marks, they are more like hazing in the paint from the insulation.

can i use the 205 by hand to get these out? or do i need something more aggressive? Car is a new BMW 1 series in estoril blue.

Thanks for any help guys!
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I have used 3m pads for the last few years. I brought some Scholl ones to try this weekend. They are so much better. Really nice to use and you feel in total control

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One of the keys to polishing is to do a test section to see what polishes work for your paint. Start off with the least aggressive products first and then step up to a stronger combination if required.

The advantages of the smaller backing plates is for working on intricate areas such as door frames.

No problem with using most glazes by machine, I would use a glazing or finishing pad to apply and generally at a slow speed is all that is required
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