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Detailingworld™ Review - Gyeon Q2M BATHE+ Shampoo

Firstly thanks goes to John at Clean and Shiny for sending this on to review. Despite Gyeon being very well known it's not a brand I have used before for some reason, so I was looking forward to this review.

About Gyeon:

Gyeon are one of those manufactures who need very little introduction, however if you are unfamiliar with them have a look below - taken from their website.

"Gyeon offers a range of premium quality products thoroughly tested to satisfy the needs of car detailing enthusiasts, as well as the exacting requirements of professionals. At Gyeon, we spare no effort or expense to provide you with the most innovative solutions, always producing exceptional results and ensuring your satisfaction.
It is our mission to deliver the most technologically advanced products, at very competitive prices. We value your time, which is why you can always rely on our consistent, high quality products as well as our expertise gained through years of development and improvement. We offer you complete solutions, hence our market leading coatings come with all the necessary accessories and illustrated instructions so that you can easily achieve the best results. Our range is offered in superior, custom designed packaging to provide clear information and a consistent brand image."

The Product:

The shampoo arrived in a well packed package (as you would expect) the bottle itself appears to be of high quality, what I liked about this is the simplistic approach, there are no "bells and whistles", just a plain - although cool looking bottle, which gives you all the info you need at a glance.

There was no real scent to the shampoo, which makes a refreshing change from what is the norm now. At first glance this appears to be a shampoo, nothing more or less.

What Gyeon say?

"Q²M Bathe+ is the world’s first pH neutral shampoo containing SiO₂. Even a quick wash leaves a strong hydrophobic layer, repelling water, dirt and deferring the need for a next wash. The wash itself is a real joy, while the shampoo is very slick and has a scent characteristic of the whole Gyeon range."

"Q²M Bathe+ is perfectly safe on all surfaces including paint, rims, glass and plastic and it will add instant protection to bare surfaces or boost the base quartz coating you already have on these surfaces. It can also be used over existing natural waxes or sealants improving their durability and gloss. The active SIO2 ingredient adds real protection that you can see every time you wash, unlike many so called ‘wash and wax’ shampoos, you are left with added hydrophobicity and self-cleaning ability that keeps your car actively cleaner for longe"

The Use:

The test car for today was the good lady's Kia Venga which I have been totally neglecting! Here are some before pictures, please note that it's difficult to capture just how much grime was on the car, there was also NO protection on the car which I have attempted to show.

After a rinse and Snowfoam:

Going by the instructions I added 20ml for my 25ltr wash bucket and added water:

This generated a good amount of suds as shown above, however these did not last and required a blast of the power washer to generate more.

The suds to paint transfer was good when the wash mitt was fully loaded.

The overall use of the shampoo was good, I didn't find the shampoo "grabby" over the paint, nor was the super slick, what it was though was very good at cleaning the paintwork and appeared (as stated in the description) to leave some protection:

It then rained three days after washing the car, so I headed out to see if it had indeed applied any protection to the paintwork, the answer was plain to see - keep in mind that no drying aid or QD was used, this was purely the shampoo:

This is available from various suppliers so I will quote only Clean and Shiny as they supplied the shampoo.
400ml = £ 11.95
1ltr = £27.95
All prices are prior to any discounts and/or P&P

Would I use this again?
As I'm now sure everyone knows I prefer pure shampoos, however that being said I would use this one again!

Cossie's verdict?:
When using it I have to be honest and say that I thought it was OK, it wasn't a shampoo that immediately blew me away, however when reflecting back on it, it is an extremely good shampoo and quite economical to use as I suspect that 15ml (possibly less) would be adequate for a maintenance wash. This shampoo would really shine in the winter months when time is limited and you want to top up your protection yet don't want to spend any longer outside than is necessary.

Thanks for reading, as usual if you have any questions feel free to ask.



"DW has followed the Manufacturers Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test "

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