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Kelly @ KDS
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56k Icon KDS Detailing - Lamborghini Aventador Detail / Waxstock extras

HI Guys

Is everyone ready for a Lamborghini Aventador Detail, Waxstock and house wilton story?

If so please carry on reading.

Up next is another instalment of a car that KDS Detailing had the pleasure of working on, this was carry back in late summer of 2012.

If you had the pleasure to see this car at Waxstock and love to see what the cars was like before this

Then carry on and enjoy.

The customer who owns the vehicle in this thread pre booked the detail work some 6 months before the delivery date to ensure of the booking.

The actual date of the booking was put off a few times due to a delay in build which in turn meant a later delivery date.

The delay I was told was due to improvements in build quality after early problems and issues in the first batch of cars.

After a few correspondence emails to and thro while waiting for the car to be delivered was when I soon realised that the customer was a fan and follower of our work.
So first let’s talk about the car and its specs

Carbon fibre monocoque with Aluminium front and rear frames
Carbon fibre engine bonnet; movable spoiler and side air inlets; Aluminium front bonnet, front fenders and doors; SMC rear fender and rocker cover

V12, 60°, MPI
6,498 cm³ (396.5

Bore and stroke:
Ø 95 mm x 76,4 mm

Compression ratio:
11.8 (± 0.2) : 1

Maximum power:
700 HP (515 kW) @ 8,250 RPM

Maximum torque:
690 Nm (507 lbft) @ 5,500 RPM

Cooling system:
Water and oil cooling system in the rear with variable air inlets

Front tires:
Pirelli 255/35 ZR19

Rear tires:
Pirelli 335/30 ZR20

Front wheels:
19’’ x 9J

Rear wheels
20’’ x 12J


Dual hydraulic circuit brake system with vacuum brake booster; front and rear CCB, 6-cylinder brake callipers, 4-cylinder brake callipers Ø 400x 38 mm – Ø 380 x 38 mm

Type of transmission:
4WD with Haldex generation IV
7 speed ISR, shifting characteristic depending on drive select mode

Top speed:
350 km/h (217 mph)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph):
2.9 s

So back to the geeky detailing part.

The service that was pre booked was a new car protection detail with an interest in long life coatings.

So I suggested going for Gtechniq package for brand new cars.

The owner had not had much chance to view the car in direct sunlight as we had a very poor summer and not owning the car very long before we got to view the car.

My brief opinion on brand new cars and there paint work.

Over the years I have been surprised / shocked at the condition of all new car that’s we have had the pleasure to work on.

To date we have only had one single car that needed NO machine correction , this is out of around 100 brand new cars , we are talking about cars that have been trailed to KDS detailing still with transport protective coatings on , cars with 20-50 miles , 1-3 day old cars (on the road age) ,
we have noticed a large increase with customers of brand new cars complaining to the dealerships which has meant the dealerships have contacted KDS detailing to come up with solution and fix those cars in question to keep their customers happy.

I think that’s the fact “Detailing” is more of a main stream word now and partly due to change in paint tech and materials due to the H&S and environment has meant the paint on brand new and fairly young cars is far easier to mark and customers of brand new cars are more aware of this because detailing and for forums like Detailing World.

This problem that I have briefly spoken about above (I have photos that at some point I will post on a new car thread as they need to be seen) is not isolated to just the lower end of the market.

What I am about to post is a very good case , but I think for every one person that complains about the issues 99 people would be totally happy , so in the real world still is looked upon as a tiny issue.

I know of customer with super/hyper cars that think paint is just paint and there to stop it going rusty , and there are customers that never driver their cars and just look at them like fine art.

So this is what I was I was greeted with on first viewing before the inspection wash.

Have a look at the the finish on the far bottom of the door

Lovely DA sanding marks

So as you can imagine this was yet again not going to be a standard new car protection detail.

So we set about giving it a dam good safe wash , I say safe but think I could of gave it to the £5 car wash guys over the road and it could not get any worse really.

The wash stage

Pre rinse

APC the shuts gaps badges and mouldings etc .

Then rinse again

Next is the snow foam stage

I am sure you know the routine by now , rinse again

Clean the wheels

On to the wash

The engine also got a light clean

So after the car was dried off and driven inside the workshop and positioned over the detailing ramp,

Been asked many times in the past (asked this week by email) what ramp we use so I have now uploaded link and details on my website

prep marks in the paint

Over spray

Paint blistering

Stone chips

While up in the air on the ramp gave me a better chance to spot more transport wax that’s very stubborn to wash away

Another stone chip

So this is where the photo processing and then sending them to the customer with suggestions to steps to move forward .

Not explained above the actual booking we had a maximum time scale of 2 weeks before the car to be shown at the Wilton House supercar show.

And also we had our good friends at Paintshield booked to carry out protective film to the entire front of the car.

The fact we only 2 week deadline (no bragging here that KDS can carry out a full detail In the fastest time possible) , to organise a full paint correction , write a report, keep the customer updated with emails and photos , keep the 4th day into the detail free for paint shield to do their magic , coat the car with the entire Gtechniq range and this while in late summer which means dealing with the logistics of day to day work it was going to be a bit heated at time , not helped by a mini heat wave and temps in the plus 30’s while working on the car too.

And if you thought you had seen all the problems and defects keep on reading

I preview of whats to come

Da sanding marks

And after correction stage

I think it could do with more base colour coat in the fold of this cooling duct

So whats happening here then?

Bit of touch ins in the past

Nice transport marks , I am guessing when the car was strapped down with webbing through the wheels

So back onto the bulk of the machine correction work and detailing .

We would normally start machine correction with the top surfaces for 2 reasons ,
Firstly the eye line areas will always get more attention on such a low wide car than the very low parts , so if time runs out you have at least got all the eye line panels perfect if it means at the expense that the very bottom areas may be not absolutely perfect , if a car is booked on for the ultimate package

then we would have plently of time planned to work on every inch of the paint , remembering this was booked for new car protection.

And secondly last thing you would want on such a wide car is to correct the side panels (doors) and have to stretch and lean on the freshly corrected doors while machining the roof , a bit of common sense I guess never hurts .

In this case we carried out full correction and refining to the front first in readiness for the paint protection film application.

Paint readings before hand to see what we are dealing with

Due to the heat and bright sun light beating through the roof lights we decided to pop up a marquee indoors to help keep the heat down and make it easier to spot the defects on such a bright light coloured paint surface.

Some before and afters on the front of the car.

All finished

Then the same situation on the roof.

Loads of DA sanding marks still left from the factory , this is very common on many IF not most of the hand worked new cars regardless of cost and not just associated to one brand.

This colour under normally lighting would be difficult to spot these defects , even more so when viewed under flat lights such as used in paint spray booths and inspection tunnels at factories.
What flat lights show up well when the vehicle being inspected is completely flooded with massive amount of wattage is

1) Colour consistence
2) General dirt and muck in paint
3) Cleanliness around shuts and edge etc
4) Orange peel (texture) of paint finish

What straight long flat lights don’t show well are sanding marks and swirls

In my opinion the light sources being used and the lack of understanding about fillers in products means these defects are very common on hand worked paint finishes.
For this you need a low’ish wattage direct light (clean light) ie like the sun itself , common sense tells as powerful as the sun is its still only a single direct light source .

I have found when using banks or rows of bright lights with high wattage on light coloured cars this can be too bright for the human eye which in turn the pupils contract to reduce the amount of the light entering the eye.
So when I correct a bright light coloured car I use a 75 watt light source in darker conditions and a 150 watt light source in bright conditions.
Lastly on the subject of lights , I always machine correct an area and view / inspect with light source from both sides while I am face onto the panel so not to miss defects.

The roof defect removal

End of part one

Many thanks for reading up till now.

To contact KDS Keltec, please click the banner.

You can also find us on
Facebook / YouTube / Twitter
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Kelly @ KDS
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Part two

While to car was on the detailing ramp , as with all the super/hyper cars its nice to have a good look around underneath as this is the view no one gets to see.

Full height lift too , means can stand upright and still walk underneath clearly

A few action machine correction photos

The over spray on the rear cover hinges removed

Removing water stains from rear window

One of the advantages to using a full lift ramp,Is being able to get to the inside of the wheels without removing them .

But in this case the ramp was not needed to spot the problems with the wheels

My opinion this looks like a blend area from a smart repair

And really poor finish and more evidence of webbing strap down marks

Some simple cocktail stick work

Ever wondered how the front number plate fits on the front of an Aventador ?

The wheels and tricky areas where dealt with by myself using the rotary extension bars

Wheels after correction

And a few midway photos before coatings

We then touch in the stone ships before pant film installation

Ground colour coat

Pearl top colour coat

While we were machine correcting the far rear of the car and doors paint shield were installing the paint protection film to the front of the car.

Here are some photos of the install that took a day to complete.
This was done by Gary from paint shield and my good friend Roy helped out , you will spot his left elbow in the of the photos.

Notice the small items on the table , I removed these for the best possible results .

Prep cut film

An example of while the front has the film applied I am working at the rear with marquee to reduce the surrounding light.

Even the plastic parts had protection film applied


At the end of the thread I have some close up photos of the finish film application.
As we got near the rear of the car some 6 days from the start day we were in for a big surprise.
The rear bumper has seen some paint work , when I am mean paint work I mean the smart repair type.

Also noticed that the paint work had been DA sanded right on the tiniest small areas that’s got no real gain to the vehicle but everything to lose if not carried out correctly.

This is not a burn break through but DA sanding marks not fully corrected


What were they thinking of Da sanding areas like this.

In the number plate recess.

Around the door handle was just the same

Much better

So more defects on the rear bumper top side

And after correction

Then the smart repair

Love the join line.

Notice the colour on the sharp edge

We went for the route of very careful machine correction to improve the finish

This detail could of easily ended up with KDS re-painting the poor areas , Refurbing the alloy wheels , removing the badges , but you have to consider that the car had a deadline , was pre booked for much less work than we ended up carrying out , and the owner had not noticed any of these issues in the small time he had owned the car .

You have to consider it’s the customers car not your own and do whats best for the car , budget , and customers requirements and how the car is to be used in the future.

The reason for having the paint film installed on this car , was due to myself recommending the install was after swapping emails about re-painting such a car in a 3 stage pearl is such a nightmare to get perfect match , and told the owner of another Aventador that needed some aftermarket paint work, that the rumours are that it spent months and many attempts to get the correct match, by a specialist.

Having film applied to stop the dreaded stone chips is the only way forward on such cars and colours.

Here clearly shows the issues with such a colour as the doors and parts that are painted off the car are not an exact match to the main shell of the car.

End of part 2

again many thanks for reading

To contact KDS Keltec, please click the banner.

You can also find us on
Facebook / YouTube / Twitter
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Kelly @ KDS
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Part 3

So now onto the Last Step Protection (lsp) on the entire car.

As said earlier we went for Gtechniq products including EXO.

The car was blown down with air line , then feather dusted down in readiness for many passes with IPA wipe down to ensure good strong key to all sufaces.

Onto some photos of the coatings being applied.

Looking great and natural at the same time

Wheels coated

Notice the great finish of the paint , if KDS detailing or lepsons were to paint like this I absolutely know they would be rejected by customer.

For the front paint film we chose this

A whole day later after C1 , C4 and C5 had been applied it was then time for 2 coats of EXO over them.

Here are The Gtechniq coating in action

So to the finished photos now

Front with film , so much better than the older films from a few years ago.

A few more finished photos

Lastly here are a few pic from a photo shoot of one of KDS business friend

GF willaims

So that concludes this write up.

Many thanks for sparing the time to read through this long thread.

Any question please fill free to ask.

Just one final part to the story as I wrote in the first part of the thread , the Waxstock and Wilton House super car shows.

In the future there will be a full HD videos of the above car.

Many Thanks for reading.

To contact KDS Keltec, please click the banner.

You can also find us on
Facebook / YouTube / Twitter

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I was just about to say great job but on the 178th photo I saw a fleck of dust Kelly.......

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Adrian Convery
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Great write up! Enjoyed that, thanks for sharing! Look forward to part 2!
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Adrian Convery
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Amazing, well worth getting a cup of tea and reading that!! Probably the nicest colour for them too!
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Awesome write up Kelly. Very good to know about light sources and spotting defects. The car was a thing of beauty when finished. I was privileged to see it at the detailing day. Such a shame for customers when you don't get perfection straight from the factory for that kind of money. Not such a shame for you of course.
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Epic detail Kelly! Your attention to detail is second to none!
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Stunning job Kelly!!
Just finished this and am quite speechless atm!

Never before have I seen this level of dedication, time-energy-resources spent and technology involved in another professional detailing session! (not restoration)

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Nice write up
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aventador, kds detailing, kds keltec, kds painting, waxstock 2012

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