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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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Smart Car Sue
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Keep the posts coming - this is going to be good!
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Great stuff. Looking forward to more.

Surprised nobody has mentioned the pink Audi TT though? Surely a wrap?
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My salvaged greenhouse was in better condition than that after spending 25 years in a conifer tree.
Good luck.

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Have a look through this guys videos, very comprehensive on these cars
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Thanks again for all the replies and encouragement! Some of them have really made me laugh!

Originally Posted by Ultra View Post
I do like a project.
PS. try for photo hosting.
Thank you - I will do. I've already uploaded quite a few more pictures to PB, but any after that I'll try on imgur and see how I get on.

Originally Posted by Cookies View Post
With a blow torch lol.

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Originally Posted by James_G View Post
Great stuff. Looking forward to more.

Surprised nobody has mentioned the pink Audi TT though? Surely a wrap?
Yes I thought the TT would get a lot more attention! I'm going to break everyone's heart here - it's not actually a wrap. The previous owner worked for a body shop who painted it pink for her birthday! It was previously silver I believe.

She sold it quite soon after, so you can judge for yourself how overwhelmed she must have been with it

It's actually an incredibly good paint job as well, it's a metallic colour and they've painted under every sill and behind all the plastic.

Originally Posted by alphaj12 View Post
Have a look through this guys videos, very comprehensive on these cars
Thank you, looks like he has a step by step head gasket change guide! Sweeeet

Part 3 should hopefully be done today.
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Nice r53 will keeping a close eye on this thread
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Love little finds like this. Look forward to seeing how it develops. Looks like it needs some loving and then it'll be a cracking little car.
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Part 3 - The Clean

8:00 - After taking all the 'before' shots, I thought it wise to have a coffee .. and then another coffee. You know, just to prepare myself for the task in hand.

8:30 - I began by pressure washing the entire car for about half an hour - I ended up putting a clamp round the trigger as my finger was getting tired! This got a fair amount of the green marks off and all of the leaves. I also made sure to get the moss and general rubbish out from behind the trim pieces on the bodywork.

9:00 - Next, I did something that normally makes me shudder - I took a 20 litre bucket, filled it with hot water and fairy liquid and washed it. This was to get rid of the tree sap and the rest of the marks. Then jet washed it all down again for good measure.

10:00 - I then sprayed ValetPro Bilberry Wheel Cleaner in 5:1 dilution over the wheels and tyres, then agitated with a medium wheel brush. This has really brightened up the wheels, however there is a lot of whiteworm in the diamond cut outer faces of the wheels which will ultimately want a refurb, but there are far more pressing matters (such as a working engine).

10:30 - I also went against usual practice by blasting the door shuts with the jet wash while the doors were open - messy but effective! I then used Mr Muscle as an APC to really clean up the door shuts, rubber seals and plastic trim.

11:00 - Another coffee.

My main priority was to get it relatively clean on the first day, and focus more on the interior (below) as it was a nice warm and windy day which would aid drying of the carpet and mats.

Anyway, it doesn't look bad for just a bit of fairy liquid!

The wheels really do need a refurb

12:30 - After having taken the pictures of the car clean, come to terms with the use of fairy liquid and had some lunch - it was time for the interior.

I wasted no time in removing the front seats and the bottom of the rear seats to get full access to the carpets. I made sure to disconnect the battery well in advance, I didn't want an airbag going off in my face! The front seats came out with ease - just 4 torx bolts on each, the back seat bottom just pulls out! I didn't tackle the upper part of the back seats as it didn't give me access to anywhere else to clean and they're a bit of a faff to remove.

13:15 - Once the seats were out, I vacuumed the whole interior thoroughly, then broke out the Mr Muscle again to clean under the back seats and then all of the interior plastics to get any marks off.

13:45 - Next, I sprayed down any problem areas on the carpet and floor mats with some surprisingly good Halfords upholstery shampoo and worked in with a medium bristle brush. I then filled up my Vax with 4 litres of quite a strong and warm carpet cleaner solution and gave the carpet a thorough soaking before working in again with the brush, then another pass with the vax still spraying out solution and working on low suction and finally turned it up to max to suck out all of the dirty water. As expected, it was brown! The carpet looked just like new after this and smells great!

16:00 - Sorry for the jump in time. My friend came over to have a look at the new car, we were then waffling for about an hour. Obviously I had to have another coffee at this point.

I then turned my attention to the seats which I cleaned with Meguiars leather cleaner and conditioner and a few microfibre cloths. They came up really well - it removed a lot of the shine from the dirty leather and restored them to a much more factory looking matt finish. I also cleaned round the runners whilst I had access to them.

Finally, I reassembled the interior after airing it for a couple of hours (although the Vax tends to leave the carpets practially dry).

I'm thrilled with how well the car has come up, it really belies its 142,000 miles!

Skipping forward from Wednesday to this weekend just gone, I have made a start on a few bits.

Firstly was the exhaust - this was bothering me as I knew it could shine but was under a layer of dirt. I broke out the Autosol and wire wool which took us from this:

To this:

Next was the engine bay. I just wanted it relatively tidy, as obviously it's going to be taken to pieces at some point and I don't want my mechanic to look under there, laugh and run away if he sees it full of leaves.

I donned a pair of gloves, grabbed a bucket and filled it with the leaves hidden in various crevices. I then used my ratty old hoover to suck out the remaining leaves and spider's nests.

Then Mr Muscle came out again. I sprayed it on basically every surface and scrubbed, wiped down and repeated. And to beautify all the plastics fairly quickly, I sprayed some silicone lubricant all over the place which took it from this:

To this:

And finally, I couldn't resist seeing what could be achieved with the DA. I have just done the front end, as I can get to it when i'm in the garage.

These pictures are all off my iPhone, so not quite up to the standard of my totally-out-of-focus DSLR pictures.

The paint was really rough to the touch, so I clayed the front end with a Bilt Hamber Regular (blue) clay bar. This removed a lot of contaminants and sap! After this, I took a few (quite poor) pictures of the paintwork on the bonnet.

There is one chip around 5mm diameter on the offside of the bonnet which will want touching in. But there are some light sanding marks around it, and another spot further up the bonnet (I have no idea...) which I was able to remove about 90% trace of. We also have quite a few swirls and ingrained blobs of something sitting on the upright surfaces such as the bonnet.

I then took some paint depth readings which averaged out at 124 as you can see.

As the MINI paint is rock hard (much like BMW's I guess) I was quite bold in going for a yellow Black Diamond pad and Sonus SFX2 (to be honest I just had it lying around)

50/50 (Not a very good one)

The early results were encouraging

I then used a 'Liquid paste wax' (eh?!) of some sort from a Detail Crate which I wanted to try out - it smelled nicely of cherries, I can say that.

Next, I polished up the chrome trim and spot lights (they want replacing, but this made them look a bit better) with Autosol.

Which brings us to the money shot!

And one final picture after I had dressed the plastic trim with something fancy looking (also from one of my Detail Crates which I hadn't yet tried).

My Mum's is still relegated to the drive at the minute

I hope this has been an interesting read so far, or at the very least you have enjoyed the pictures!

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Bloody fantastic progress bud but a word of advice, don't replace those spots, just get rid of them, cleans the front end up no end oh and de-stripe it, will look so much better

don't bother refurbing those wheels, get yourself a nice set of light weight 16's on there, makes the car so much better to drive
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Cracking thread, well put together and interesting to read! Looking forward to more updates!

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