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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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AcidicDavey's Garage - 96 Volvo 850 R Estate

Hello everyone.

Just joined up here this week, I bought the above and felt it would be good to start a thread in here to document my progress. Before we start though lets introduce the others...

This is my 98 V70 AWD. We got it when I was 15 in April 2007, I inherited it later that year when my Father died. It was completely standard and original then, I didn't start driving it until 2010 when I was 18 due to insurance, then the mods and changes started! Been on and off the road since but been used constantly since March last year, that's a record for me for a car continually on the road!
I won't totally bore you with the rest but here's what she looks like now.

01-07-15 009 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

01-07-15 010 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

01-07-15 011 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

In March last year I bought this, it was on the road for 5 days! A few small little things all went wrong at one so I took it off the road and sorted the above V70 out (which at the time had been off the road for 2 years).
I love this 2001 Alfa 166 3.0 V6 Sportronic but it has sat ever since...

14-03-14 001 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

14-03-14 002 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

Any way, onto the show!

Well, last Wednesday I had a 'special delivery'. Yes a pink 850 R! Happy days.

Now, I heard of this car through eBay, someone messaged me offering it after I asked a question about an item they had listed, I was very surprised!
The wheels are actually the reason I ended up with the car, he had a single Hydra alloy listed on eBay and I asked if he happened to have any more which he didn't but offered me a set of these wheels (linking me a pic of a wheel off this car). I asked how much and he said I can have the whole car if I want.

It was sold with having had zero history with 206k on the clocks. But, I've since been told the family have found a big folder of receipts, result!

Battery's flat so have no idea how it runs although I'm told it was driven 2 months ago from Birmingham to Ludlow. He did suggest I drive it home, Uh, I don't think so, not if you have a trailer! Mind saying that it did happen to be the ropiest trailer I've ever seen!

MOT expired Nov 2013. Owner died 6 months ago so the family is selling up his collection of Volvo stuff, they were just going to scrap this car!

There are only 2 dents on the car but both would need proper attention to remove; bottom of driver's door and passenger rear quarter by the lights. Also the front splitter is cracked.
But, overall the paint appears good albeit very faded, that'll clean up though.

Set of 5 Volan alloys in fairly decent condition, heated rear seats, original floor mats etc etc.

Apparently he had 2 more in the Birmingham area but the Son in law (who I've dealt with) is yet to see them so once/if I find out more I'll let people know.

Anyway, the car. Not in bad shape considering it's recent few years.

22-07-15 001 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

22-07-15 002 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

22-07-15 003 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

22-07-15 004 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

850 R Interior by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

From those above photos the paint doesn't look too bad but trust me, it's as flat as a flat thing!

22-07-15 005 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

Sellers photos... Not as bad as it looks, was only in the grass for 2 months since he got it back...

850 R 1 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

850 R 2 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

850 R 3 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

850 R 4 by AcidicDavey, on Flickr[/QUOTE]

Rust underneath was my concern but it was only in the grass for 2 months. First thing I thought was if it was rotten then I'd break it but after my brief check it looks good, just the normal surface corrosion to the exhaust and suspensions bits etc.

Under bonnet...

850 R Engine Bay by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

Got a boot full of pound shop tat thrown in for free

Free Crap! by AcidicDavey, on Flickr

Plans? Well I bought it as it's fate was with a date with the crusher so had to do something about that.
Got to get it as smart as I can. I have a DA but have never polished a red un like this before so any advice welcome.

I'll be honest, my initial plan before getting it was to either break it if it was rotten or to just to polish it and sell on but of course as soon as I saw it I felt for the sorry old thing...

This 'accidental' project will be slow as I'm cheap and lazy but we'll get there

If you've made it this far then thanks for reading
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Well that's certainly an... erm... 'interesting' collection you got there good look with the newest Volvo, be cool to see it all finished and possibly shiny again?
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Other than the flat paint it actually looks ok, the interior certainly looks tidy.
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Old 03-08-2015, 12:22 AM   #4
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subscribe :-)

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Sub d for updates ! Interesting rides in there .
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welcome to DW I appreciate the Alfa but the OVLOV rings my bell subbed
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850R looks great and certainly deserves to be saved from its current situation. Interior looks ok with maybe just the cracked seats needing some work.

We all know how well faded red can look when polished.
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Old 03-08-2015, 06:35 PM   #8
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Very much liking the top Volvo Not often do you see them modded and that looks great

The red one should be a good project, looking forward to the updates
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Love it! Get it running pal!
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Sub'd fella!!
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