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Old 15-11-2012, 08:03 PM   #1
Auto Detox
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Auto Detox: Aston Martin Vantage S

Aston Martin Vantage S - Platinum detail

The owner of this Aston Martin is a very good client of mine who I have been looking after for about 4 years

We talked at length about his new car 3 weeks before he bought it, he was very interested in my top service the Platinum Detail which starts at 6 days & 50 hours, he opted for a wax upgrade plus 2 extra layers totalling 3 in all plus & an extra day or work taking it to 7 days & a total of 63 hours when I finally finished

He left it with me while he was on vacation so as not to be without the car, which was perfect for me & of course him

The job was completed a few months ago not long after moving to the new unit, its changed quite a bit since then !

This writeup will be a mix of preview video (which some may have seen already) usual pictorial section & work in progress video to fill in the gaps. Let me know what you think please

The preview video I put together late one friday night ! I had great fun doing this sort intro


There are no photographs of the wash stage, see the final video at the end for these

I will start off with post wash stage paint inspection inside the unit under halide & 3M sungun

The car was already in a state of basic tape up & I as usual taped up panel edges etc as I went along

I usually start on the bonnet & this little Aston was no different

Testing some combo's

Work in progress on the passenger door

Still needs more work.

The front end of the car was not getting away with it, I removed the number plate, plinth & grill to allow better machine work, & to clean out the build up of dirt from behind that otherwise would not be completed to a decent standard

The carbon fibre splitter was looking quite cloudy it also had the attention it deserved

The drivers side sill was looking a bit sorry for its self too, I removed the sill cover which let me loosen the seal & move it out of the way for unhindered polishing

Put back together

Work in progress… While I had a coffee break one afternoon I saw this shot & just had to take it, love the way it came out !

The machine work on this car took the vast majority of the work load & once completed I drove the car outside to give it a quick de dust wash, back inside drying the little Aston out

After carefully drying the car time to inspect under the Sungun again

Beautiful weave !


G1 on the windows

C5 on the alloys

The piano black trim had a minor repair but the repair man didnt clean up afte himself very well

I took out the bolt & cleaned around all the heads in the car for a much cleaner look

All the black trim was treated to Swissvax wood polish, awesome stuff which I've been using for years its goes a long way !

Further interior work

Auto Finesse leather duo was put to good work,these are excellent products the owner commented on the leather when he was looking around the car, he was very impressed

Tyres dressed with Swissvax Pnue & exhausts polished by hand with Auto Finesse mercury metal polish

All done:

Finally the video I did along the way


Gent's I hope you enjoyed this slightly different photo video text write up, it was very enjoyable for me to make for a number reasons, the car ! Of course, the challenge to get this new purchase for my client to the standard he demands on all his cars

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Beautiful car and great work.
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Mad Ad
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Really nice work Barry, looking superb

the videos are great

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Distinguished Detailer
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Fantastic finish mate

A stunning motor!
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Stunning car and awesome work
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Fantastic work Barry.
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colarado red
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Brilliant work Barry, superb attention to detail on the car, and the 2 videos are excellent!
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Miracle Detail
Orbital Oracle
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Lovely work Barry. Photos look very sharp too, perhaps I should be using my tripod for stills.

Nice video as well!

Kind Regards
Paul Dalton
Miracle Detail

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aston martin, aston martin detailing, auto detox, midlands detailing

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