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Sam's Detailing Ok. It all started when I got my first car, I started getting into detailing in a big way. I was confused and overwhelmed the range of products. I started to formulate some of my own blends of snow foam using a mixture of products that are already on the market. After a while, I decided to create my own range of products that are designed, tested, developed and marketed by me.Simplicity is our strength. I avoid using complicated terms that will confuse people. The products are designed to work effectively and be easy to use whether you are a seasoned professional or first time user.

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Detailingworld™ Review - Sam's Detailing Wheel Soap


First off a thank you to the guys over at Sam’s Detailing for sending out several wheel cleaning specific products for review. I will be starting off with Sam’s Wheel Soap and assessing whether it can replace the typical alkaline based wheel cleaners we all know and love for routine wheel cleaning.

For any additional info out with this review, please visit

The Product

Sam’s Wheel Soap comes in a rather smart looking 500ml black bottle with textured matte black labelling. It results in a very sleek looking bit of packaging.

A brief read of the labeling showed all the usual information you would expect such as product description, dilution recommendations and instructions for use. The liquid within is of a yellow tinge and has (I think) a pleasant fruity scent (which turned out to be Vanilla!).

Sam’s description is as follows:

‘Our Wheel Soap allows you to have a strong shampoo that is dedicated just for your wheel bucket. It generates a huge amount of lather so you have that extra working time to detail your alloys.

- Dedicated soap for your wheel bucket
- Generates a huge amount of lather for your accessories which allows extra
working time
- pH Neutral
- Vanilla scented
- One squirt for your bucket is all that is needed
- Suited to all wheel finishes’

I will be honest I have always had my doubts about the need for a wheel specific shampoo. Can one of these wheel specific shampoos really be that much more aggressive than a typical bodywork shampoo… I have never been convinced and going into this review I was skeptical (but hopeful) of the results.

The Method

My A45 was in real need of a maintenance wash, especially with the extremely wet weather we have been getting over the last few weeks. The alloys were filthy and should provide a real stern test of cleaning ability for the wheel soap.

After setting up all my kit and filling my wheel bucket up with warm water, as there was no specific dosage stated other than 1-2 capfuls, I added 25ml of Wheel Soap to the bucket before mixing with the pressure washer. The soap stays true to its description and suds up very well.

The wheels, arches and tyre sidewalls were pressure rinsed down firstly, followed by some APC and agitation to remove all the dirt/grime attached to the tyre.

The brown foam was rinsed off leaving nice clean sidewalls. With this complete it was now time to tackle the alloy. I worked my way from front to back (face, spokes, back of spokes, wheel barrels then caliper) using only the Wheel Soap shampoo and various brushes as my cleaning agent.

The soap foamed up really well and showed pretty good cleaning ability with plenty of dirt being dragged away in the thick lather of foam. It is worth noting that it struggled to shift the dirt on the calipers and my APC of choice had to be called in to deal with this.

The wheel was then rinsed and allowed to dry naturally so I could better judge the cleaning performance. This ended up as a mixed bag of results sadly.

As you can see initial inspection of the alloy showed clean faces and spokes, I was impressed at this point. Once I got in closer to the alloy though and further inspected the barrels I was disappointed to see quite a lot of dirt that wasn't shifted.

I gave it a swipe to confirm it was definitely loosely bonded dirt.

I was happy with the results on the alloy face and spokes (protected!) but on the barrels and caliper I must admit I wasn't impressed and went over again with some 1:20 wheel cleaner.


This 500ml bottle of Sam's Wheel Soap comes in at just £8.50 per bottle. This is the only bottle size available at time of writing. If 25ml per wash is used then this would provide 20 washes.

8.50/20 = 42.5p per wash. I think the value is fairly decent and at 42.5p per wash won't break the bank. A larger 1L or even 5l bottle would further reduce this.

If you are interested in the product the below link will take you direct to the Wheel Soap on the Sam's Detailing website:

Would I use it again?

For me I think my skepticism was proven partially correct for my own personal circumstances. No it doesn't clean as well as my usual 1:20 diluted alkaline cleaner and due to this, I wouldn't use Wheel Soap again on it's own but please let me explain further.

On the surfaces of my own alloys that were well protected, Wheel Soap performed considerably better than what it did on the calipers & alloy barrels. I think if your alloys were fully coated in some form of wheel ceramic, Sam's Wheel Soap would be more than enough to keep your alloys looking good and also to maintain the ceramic coat.


Sam's Wheel Soap is a product that would excel I think, on well maintained and protected alloy wheels. It smells good, it suds well and it also transfers these brilliant suds onto the alloys when agitated which aids in dragging the dirt safely off the wheels.

Personally though and for anyone else with wheels that are not ceramic coated fully, I do not think Sam's Wheel Soap is potent enough to rid the alloys fully of dirt/grime. For this reason I would have to stick with a highly diluted alkaline cleaner as it better suits my own requirements. Regardless of this in the right situations I can see how Sam's Wheel Soap would be a useful product.

Thanks for reading guys and feel free to ask any questions.

DW reviewer has followed the Manufacturer’s Instructions and accepts no responsibility to any circumstances arising from any member using these products or following this test.

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Nice Review BrianIn all honesty i have to agree with your Findings, as i found the key to these sort of products is to be used on alloy wheels that have some form of existing protection on them already, as they don't have enough bite to really get a grimey wheel clean...but then if you have a coated wheel normal car wash soap is more then adequate and there in lyes the rub.SJ.
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Detailingworld™ Review - Sam's Detailing Wheel Soap

Great review and write up.

I’ve never been convinced with a specific wheel soap - genuine question -> why not just use normal car shampoo, wash / wax if you don’t want to use a specific cleaner like you say ?
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Great writeup, though must agree with the general sentiment that dedicated wheel soaps are a bit unnecessary. Even on unsealed wheels I've always found my car shampoo to perform admirably. The one time I sealed my wheels (only with EGP, I'm still getting into this haha) I found that I could get away with a very dilute car shampoo.

The only time I could think of a use for a dedicated wheel soap is when the wheels were extremely dirty (like yours or even dirtier) and the fact that this product didn't really perform says a lot to me.
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Thanks for taking the time to do review Brian and thanks for the honesty reporting your findings

Not a good sign though when you swipe your finger and it gets dirty
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is there a reason why your barrels are not protected Brian.
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Excellent review. Cheers for the time an effort.

I'm curious, I watch a lot of AMMO NYC on Youtube and the guy always says never put APC on your tires as it can cause discolorisation and dried the rubber out??
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Originally Posted by -Perry- View Post
Excellent review. Cheers for the time an effort.

I'm curious, I watch a lot of AMMO NYC on Youtube and the guy always says never put APC on your tires as it can cause discolorisation and dried the rubber out??
At the end of the day you have to remember that Larry is a salesman and his videos are advertising. He makes a dedicated tyre cleaner so of course he's going to say you cant use APC and should use a specific product instead. Don't get me wrong, he has some good products and fantastic eye for detail but every single video is just a blatant sales advert and it gets tiring.

If you use a tyre dressing then most will help condition the rubber and reduce dry-rotting, and even if you don't want to use APC your normal car shampoo works just fine too - at least for me it does!
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Detailingworld™ Review - Sam's Detailing Wheel Soap

The only reason an APC would dry tyres out, is if it has solvents in it. Many do (like Autosmart G101).

Then again Autoglym have said to use their Tar Remover to strip tyres before dressing.

A tyre manufacturer like Michelin wouldn’t recommend using anything other that soap and water for liability reasons (they can’t control what product you’re using).

You have to make your own choice on this one. Tyres are amazing strong things that take unbelievable loads, forces and punishment. Any cleaner would be fine on a regular car, but if I had a classic or low mileage car with tyres to take care of, I would be more careful.

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If it's ph neutral surely the cleaning capability would be on par with a ph neutral car shampoo.
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sams detailing, soap, wheel shampoo

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