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Projects and Restorations Building a car from scratch, restoring your pride and joy, building a track car, or starting a long term project? This is your place to document it.

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Vxr Nurburgring Tuning and Mods.

Tuning and Mods...

Ok its quite a simple one here , there are only a handful of guys who touch my car when it comes to bolting bits on and off and tuning.....They are 2 Vauxhall techs Daz and Macca and Thorneymotorsport in Milton Keynes who professionally race in the Dunlop Sportmaxx cups with Bmw m3,s , Astra and Corsa vxr,s and Daz who works on my car is the Thorneymotorsport Corsa Vxr Race Technician...

They have put in excess of over £1 million into this operation so the level of service and knowledge of Bmw and Vauxhall tuning is at the highest level..


First port of call is the chrome strip across the boot....I wanted something to look slightly more agressive and in keeping with the colouration of the car so decided to go white as nothing really on the car is chrome its all black and white...

I had a custom badge to repace the Astra wording which reads Nurburgring Edition 600 for my build number...

The rear trim was sent away to Crash Care Centre in Hitchin , Herts who have taken care of all my projects over the years and again their level of work from parts to full resprays is excellent....

They sent the part back with a weeks turn round....

And the rear fitted

and from behind


Now from the offset the wheels concerned me....I am a fan of the colour on the car being white but what concerned me was simply the aftercare of them as i clean my wheels at least 4 maybe 5 times a week and to do these took me 90 minutes from start to finish ....

Ok wheels removed from car

Transport wax still evident as i had not attempted to remove this on initial detail as i knew wheels were coming off ready for layering up...

Wheels then All Purpose Cleaner cleaned inside and out to remove the transport wax

especially around wheel weights where i am really fussy

I then decided i would Hd Cleanse and Zy...mol Concours the wheels once fortnightly so i used this wax as it looks fab on white and leaves a real wet appearance especially when looking through the spokes...

Waxeft for about 5 minutes and buffed off

Some nice reflection shots inside...

Callipers also cleaned aswell and hand waxed with zy...mol Concours although i have a set of AP Racing brakes to go on shortly but its irrelevant as they are on here for now.... Inever ever use acidic wheel cleaner on my brakes as this dulls the calliper paintwork.

Jetseal left for about 1 hr and buffed off


Ok while the wheels were off Daz changed my suspension over for me...

I wanted Eibach Sportlines for the car as i get around a 40mm drop and i like the stance of the car....Springs also waxed in 2 layers...


Ok we are jumping forward in time slighly here as to be honest the wheels were starting to stress me out.....I cleaned them non stop day after day but the nature of the paint on them like a china effect actually made them impossibly to keep clean .....I was having nightmares about the colouration of them after only 100 miles so scoured the web for ideas.....I decided after seeing a Lambo Murcielago that i lved the effect of the wheels and the way the light bounced off them.....I spoke to a specialist who advised me to go for a traight of chrome combined with a silver overlay and dark shadowing so thats what i went for......I asked for faces to appear light yet innards to be dark to trick the light on them into covering inside with shadows yet make the edges appear light...

My car was left for a week with them

The result they achieved for me after many test sprays was superb

to give me this effect , not black or white but a juxtaposition of colours depending on the light available


Ok exhaust...

Now the limited Edition Nurburgring comes with a full Remus sytem but its just too xr3i for me plus looks like a huge sausage roll sticking out the back so i dumped it and put a full Milltek on it ....

Car on left Remus and right Milltek...

My Milltek was fitted

and needed a slight adjustment to get it mm perfect as i cant bear that old mm out look

and then 2 weeks later i realised a new rear end had been made without vxr on but Milltek Sport

So after a kind word with Mr Thorney he helped me with a new designed one and it was fitted....

Exhaust was zaino z2pro,ed although im not sure it will last long but ive given it a go...

Rear Anti Roll Bar

Ok one thing i am always conscious of is the rear end twitching slightly at high speed especially when cornering hard so i invested in a Whiteline RARB.

I wasnt too happy about the packaging especially when i read this...

So everything prepared and rubbed down and keyed...

then wrapped

and primed in 4 fine layers

4 coats of gloss white applied

and 2 clearcoats

everything then Zy...mol Hd Cleansed

buffed off and 4 layers of Collonite 476s applied for its durability

and then its ready for fitting

while we had the rear wheels off i wanted the hubs redone as i spotted a tiny little brown stain which had been bugging me so Daz did them then pressed the brakes to cut a nice line around the disc which happened when i drove home..

Brake Porn

Ok brakes.....I have always felt the brakes on the vxr are well capable of stopping the car but seeing as im tuning now i realised after a recent event of nearly giving the car a facelift that i needed big brakes.....I have waited for ages to get a set of AP,s and luckily i sourced some off a friend..

These were then sent away to LeeLee of Crash Care Centre and told him to conjour me up some Brake porn so he duly obliged...My only criteria was blue to match rear oems and bold...well pleased with the results and after initial spraying etc all hand done then clearcoated..

Once all hand edges etc tidied up and finished he sent them to!!!!

While Daz got on with stripping the fronts i decided to give them the 6th layer of Jetseal 109

Jetseal left for an hour

and buffed off

they looked fantastic

and then fitted to car

ThorneyMotorSport Stage 2

I decided now the car was kitted exactly how i wanted it i would get it mapped.... I decided on stage 2 not stage 3 simply because i didnt want a intercooler fitted.....The reason for this is one i dont want the front bumper removed incase it gets slightly marked and two i would have to modify the engine bay which i am happy with....

Inside the heart of the business


Car then had data read and placed on the rolling road in shootout mode...

Temperature today not brilliant but ok...

Daz then reporting car data to Superchips who in conjunction with Thorney motorsport have written the maps for the vxr range either downloadable from any Thorney Motorsport Performance centre or via Bluefin the handheld unit which plugs into the cars port under the hand brake...

After my initial run the standard Vxr Astra is 237bhp and mine running with full Milltek gained 251bhp on the road in standard Nurburgring guise.

The Stage 2 map is then downloaded and car run on the rolling road...

Very pleased with the final results of 280 bhp and 320 lb ft torque and i can really feel it pulling like a train on the road , a very progressive map with superb pull through all the range....

My cars personal Tuning Build Number to corresponde with my bhp as requested..

The car on final run...

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very very nice mate, i like the wheels. much better
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Just read all your threads on the car.

Some great additions to the car. I admire your patience and dedication to cleaning. I could never spend so much time cleaning. All my neighbours already think I am mad and I only spend about 4hrs cleaning a week.

I like the change in colour on the wheels.

I was wondering did you fit any spacers on with the wheels?
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No no spacers..
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Nice car

When is it going for a lap then to earn the sticker of all stickers??
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hi mate just trying to get my post count up so i can reply to you pm , 1 more to go
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The car looks great and the change to the wheels realy set of the car.
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